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A community for martial artists who are also fiber artists

Windsornot's Other Blog
Songham Taekwondo blog of Windsornot, fledgling martial artist and avid knitter.

confessions of a martial artist
A journal of my path to shodan in Koro Ken Karate-Do (based on the Goju Ryu style of karate), which I will be testing for on August 29th of this year.

The Perpetual Beginner
A personal blog about Isshin-ryu karate, knitting, writing and medical stuff.

Black Belt Knitters
The home site for the Black Belt Knitters community

karate and stuff...and some crochet for when I'm not kicking and punching

On My Own Two Feet
A place for women who are, want to be, or are thinking about becoming involved in the martial arts. No matter what style or art - whether itís karate, taekwondo, tíai chi, mixed martial arts, or even capoeira ...