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To live a bohemian life is to live a life influenced by art and literature, and to dress and act in unconventional ways. As bohemian knitters, we will not conform!

Communitymaster of the Bohemian Knitters. Kinda makes it sound like a circus doesn't it?

Even though I am a quilting professional, I knit everyday and make up my own designs. My blog contains all the stuff I make and sometimes explains it in way too much detail.

A little glimpse into my knitting mania.

Sometimes life is so full of knit that you just want to grab your sticks and stcommunity and run to the cornor and hit it! Knitting, family, college, and school

Garrison's garret Fiber Art
My blog exsists so I have a place to share my love of fiber. I refer to myself as a spinner but all spinners do other things or the end up feeling rooms with yarn. I also art quilt and make art dolls ...

Strings and Sealing Wax
Ari's blog about knitting and other crafty things. Free patterns.

Noreen`s Knit*che - The YarnWright
Knitting, crocheting, spinning, tatting, bobbinlace and designing are my NICHE in life. . . hence, Noreen`s Knit*che aka The YarnWright

denver knits
A blog about my life, knitting, and some other random hobbies and whatnot - like gardening, cooking and my husband!

I am an artist as well as a knitter. This blog is going to document my trial and error filled knitting adventures, as I do new things, such as sweaters, socks, and free-form knitting. Woot!

Yarn It
I blog of all my knitting creations!

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knitting, dogs...daily life

Licorice Bullet: one hot knitting doula
Knitting, yarn, dreaming, witchystuff, doula stuff, babies: it is all fair game.

The Knitting Glaistig
The blog of a neurotic/nerdy/bohemian knitter in Colorado who loves beer and black holes.

Knitting History
Knitting History is a blog that discusses my personal knitting history, knitting history in general, and links to sites of historic interest to knitters.

To Knit, Perchance To Dream...
The place where I hang out late into the night, documenting the fruits of my talents...spinning, knitting, dyeing, opining.

Love to be creative in my knitting

Blogging from southern Illinois about knitting, spinning, and dyeing. And the occasional cat.

Handspun yarns, hand woven scarves & shawls and hand knitted goodies. Season-responsive hand dyed & novelty yarns. Images of fiber related travels & adventures.

Zeeppo's Knitting Blog
This blog is about my adventures as the only unashamed male knitter in the city of Pittsburgh. And just experiencing the current high in the knitting world.

Rilana Knits!
my personal blog of life, motherhood, knitting, etc.

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Knitting, dogs, scissors and sewing needles, Yea!

Shazzas Knits
My blog about knitting which my friends and family call my obsession.

wooldancer yarn designs
my handspun haven, a place to display my latest handspun & handpainted fiber jaunts; occasional musings about being a wahm to toddler twins & 5year old; a little bit of etsy Aussies in etsy.com promo ...

if we shadows
knitting, spinning, dogs, life, love, work, and whatever else pops into my head

Need More Fiber
My thoughts, experiments, ideas and wishes within the world of fiber crafts.

knitting spinning random painting etc....

A Happy Fuzzy Blog
The meaning of life is to seek happiness. Practice compassion toward all living things. Find peace. Knit more.