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A community for customer complaints regarding Suba Communications, BeanNet and affiliated companies. This community is not run by or affiliated with either company. It is a place set up by an annoyed customer of Suba, as a place where dissatisfied customers of Suba or BeanNet may publicly air their grievances. Instructions on how to join this closed community (yes, that's possible) can be found on the community's homepage.

Community Homepage
How to join this community, why it is here, etc.

An Open Letter to Suba
Yes, this really happened. Back ducommunity the glory days of Political Correctness, somebody actually got censored by Suba Communications for being insufficiently sensitive toward child molesters - ...

An Open Letter to Suba (alternate location)
Another copy, in case the first copy is down, including the Adventures of Max, Part One. We wouldn't want that masterpiece to be lost, would we? Another description that must have at least 1000 characters? ...