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Knitting socks and other things, patterns, discussion, information

Wayward Knitting
Silicon Valley Girl Discovers Yarn and other Fiber Happiness.

Aqua-Star Knits
In which I post about my life and my adventures in fiber arts.

Craftylilly's Garden of Yarn and Beads
I've been creating bead jewelry for four years and knitting for one. I've been a certified craft-a-holic my whole life!


The Purly Gates
Knitting, baking and other crafty endeavors...from San Francisco, CA!

Knitting in the Valley
Here is the place for me to share my knitting with other Bay Area knitters.

Kat Knits
A little place to shre my knitting. Created by one of the co-founders of San Francisco Chicks with Sticks.

Got Ewe In Stitches
A knitting librarian (well, almost) in Pacifica, CA!

This is where I write about my knitting and compulsive yarn buying :-)

The experiences of a graduate student, knitter, librarian and stay at home mom in the San Francisco Peninsula.

Stella Knits
Stella Knits - my little place on the web where I muse about my life, my work, my cats, and how knitting & spinning keeps me sane.

Babblings of a yarnaholic.

Knits With Cats
Knitting, Cats, Roses, Books - Life is good!

Adventures in knitting and other fiber-y crafts

Nita KNittin'
A novice knitter goes nutty for knittin'!

Knitty Knit Knit
My knitting blog.


pretty kitty knitty whatever
adventures in making things. and the cutest cats in the world.

On Pins & Needles

Throwing Sticks
Notes on knitting, throwing things for Labradors and occasionally thrown knitting

My blog about knitting, cats & my life in general.

Welcome to the wonderful world of bad puns and dreadful jokes that few understand. Most of my jokes I wear in the form of bizarre links of stcommunity that I call \"garments\". I don\'t mind if people ...

Knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber adventures in Fairfax, CA

Knitting from Outer Space
Knitting and spinning with a little dyeing in Mountain View, CA.

PuNk rAwK pUrL
... just a 30-something fashion design student with lots of tattoos, the mouth of a sailor, an angel for a boyfriend, 2 fat cats, and OCD for yarn, fabric, paper, colors, textures, & good Thai food!

Knit and Purl Grrl
Musings about knitting, parenthood, writing, and life -- not necessarily in that order.

...I'm tinking
Knitting, crafting, and admicommunity yarn in Alameda.

The Caffinated Knitter

Wonder Girl Knits
A league of crafty girls united to fight against the injustice of a world without crafts.

Knit Together: Homage to Hestia
A blog that celebrates knitting and other domestic arts.

Confessions of a Professional Yarn Fondler
The frequent ramblings of a forty-something fiber-addict who just happens to fondle yarn for a living!

A site where I try to stay on top of photographing my knitting projects and talking about knitting, but some personal life slips in too.

A blog in which I talk about my knitting, and other crafty pursuits.

Obsessed in Oakland
a fun blog that is mostly about knitting and other things i either obsess about or observe.

knitting to save my sanity

Thayer Knits

Sea knit

Vegan Knitting (and then some)
This is a blog dedicated to my efforts at becoming an expert at vegan knitting using non-animal fiber yarn. I will discuss knitting issues, projects, yarn/store info. I will also discuss vegan issues which ...

Reading While Knitting
Nothing complicated; nothing too exciting, but yes, I do knit while I read. As well as ducommunity many other domestic activities.

Ms. Crafty

Tiarasaurus Knits
Come along for the ride as I figure out how to knit. Photos and funny projects promised!

when I actually get off my lazy butt and finish a project, I post pictures of it here. but in between finishing things, I muse about future and current unfinished projects, cute yarn and other random thoughts ...

Notes from a Yarn Hacker
My yarn, life... and everything else. These is the continuing story of an 8th grade teacher who is actually a student. A student of knitting, of wool, of spinning - of life.

a site where I discuss knitting, quilting, crocheting, and books

My adventures in knitting, etc.

Savage Knits
Wild, fearless (almost) experiments with as many new knitting techniques and design adventures as possible.

Short Attention Span Theater
Knitting and living in San Francisco

I am an Icelander, who lives in Concord, CA. I love to knit and stitch and to use natural materials, especially wool.

Cloudy Crochet
My works, my failures, errors and ideas, and now, finally, my own patterns!