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This is the official website for the Battle of the Ancients website competition. Battle of the Ancients is a place where you can enter you website into a competition against others. There are five teams to chose from, including: Fantasy, Myths & Legends from the Past Literature & Arts through the Ages Spirits of the Lands & Seas Loves, Lives & Family's Through the Years

andalucian dreams
My personal website shacommunity the experiences of growing up as a teen in southern Spain with links to other related sites.

Immortal Troy
Companion site to Immortal Troy, the Yahoo! RPG game. Also an informational guide to life in the Ancient world along with the fiction archive

The World of Insane Faery...
My family, pets, journal, graphics and much more...

HomeTown USA
Seems like a typical small town America until you are met by fantasy characters and experience . . . well, come see for yourself.

Witchcraft and Magick
This web site if good for pagans who want to learn more about witchcraft and magick

a site for all my songs and poems i write

MsRhiannon's Enchanted Web
Personal site dedicated to my beliefs and to causes I feel strongly about. Here you can download lots of desktop themes or skins for hotbar and yahoo messenger all of which I have made. Best of all, ...

The Essence of Nature
all things nature, poems, pics, graphics{;}come and explore

Battlestar New York
Website devoted to the revival of Battlestar Galactica

Shadow Warrior's Tale
Here is the place to learn the adventures of Draxis the Shadow Warrior{;}

Gretchen's Pro Wrestling Home Page
My personal home page dedicated to the "Sport of Kings" Pro Wrestling!

Inspirational Writing
My personal space in the cyber world. Includes my original inspirational writing and controversial articles...

{;}A site for all my poems and songs i write

Lisa's Palace/Lisa's Card Domain
Greetings for all occasions, games, jokes&riddles, comic of the day, some of my favorite links, curser skins, free email accts., guestmaps, polls, available chatroom, forum, and more. For all ages, completely ...

fenix' ankh
my battle of the ancients spirit page{;}

A fantasy site with numerous doll, candy, pixiedust, and blinkie graphics as well as backgrounds, seasonal pages and a large blinkie maker!{;}

Gail's Teddy Bear Page
Gail's Teddy Bear Page

You will find communitys that I am currently a member of. There is a path to pagebuilding help, music, gifs, bkgrounds, poetry (with some of my work included), dedications, pages on alzheimer's disease, ...

Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
{;}Over 800 pages covecommunity a wide variety of subjects including: gardening, cooking, jokes, poetry, legends, pets,my friendship quilt, my family tree, and much more.{;}Come sign my free for all l ...

Frazz's Garden
My site reflects parts of my life. I also like to share love and happiness around the world.{;}

The Dragonezz Den
comics,art, Pern, fantasy, dragons, scifi, Lexx, communitys, knights, mythology{;}

Brighid's Realm
Come visit my site dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brighid.{;}

Tatianna's Trove of Treasures for Women of Diversity
My website with pages about true love, kids, garden, pond, pets, Hello Kitty Kitchen, Gothic, art, degenerative disc disease, poetry{;}

The Tapestry
The Tapestry is dedicated to Fantasy Weavings of Literature & Art.