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Barney & Friends is a popular children’s TV show aimed at preschoolers. Barney is a large purple dinosaur that helps kids learn thought songs and a friendly attitude. Find information and products like songs, videos, dvd’s, toys about Barney & Friends.
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Barney & Friends. The Happy Dinosaur.
Barney & Friends is a popular children’s TV show aimed at preschoolers. Barney is a large purple dinosaur that helps kids learn thought songs and a friendly attitude. Find information and products ...

It's All About Barney & Friends
preschoolers love Barney & Friends! The happy dinosaur has done it all from movies, DVDs, CDs and more. Find all things having to do with Barney and Friends right here and keep your children smiling ...

Barney and Friends: The Happy Dinosaur Making a Difference

When it comes to Barney and Friends, The Happy Dinosaur; I’m not sure of this show is a nightmare or a godsend! On one hand the kiddies love it and it can keep them entertained for hours on end but on the other hand Barney himself can be a little annoying to listen to over and over and over! Anyway, this show was created and made for pre school children and first began airing in 1992 on PBS. It features the main character known as Barney who is a large purple dinosaur and his friends which are; Baby Bop, B.J and Riff. The show teaches children educational things by using song and dance with an upbeat (and slightly annoying for grown ups!) tempo. The show’s creator was Sheryl Leach who came up with the idea because she felt there was a lack of educational and fun programs aimed at this age group currently on offer. The show was an instant hit and is now aired in countries all over the world where the voice of the characters are either dubbed in the regional language or subtitles are used. That’s right, Barney is a worldwide phenomenon!

The show has continued running ever since and has created some spin off movies that include; Barney’s Great Adventure (1998), Barney’s Imagination Island (1994) and Barney Live in New York City (1994). The spin off music albums that have come from the shows and the videos share two people as the singing voice of Barney; Bob West and Dean Wendt, although only Dean Wendt is the actual voice of Barney himself. Another actor plays the role of Barney in the costume and that is David Joyner. Barney’s friends are also played by actors in suits with Baby Bop being Jeff Ayers, B.J is Kyle Nelson and Riff is Adam Brown. Just like Barney all of his friends have separate voices from different people; Baby Bop’s voice is Julie Johnson, B.J’s voice is Patty Wirtz and Riff’s voice is Michaela Dietz—but don’t ever tell your kids that!

The Barney mania that has been created has sprung up many sites online for your child to enjoy with online games, download coloring in pictures, videos, and music and parent areas. The advertising market has also made a fortune for the creators of Barney and friends by making books, lunch boxes, DVD’s, Cinema Films, Tours, Toys, Fluffy animals and other educational instruments all aimed at pre school children. Studies have been conducted on this age group and Barney and Friends have been found to be influential in their educational understanding and learning techniques which proves that the formula set up by the original creator Leach does work. Leach has been quoted as saying that she is very proud of seeing what she started turn out to be so influential to children of a pre school age and that the small ideas that she had back when the idea was not yet a reality has taught her that anything is possible as long as you believe.

On an unusual but not surprising note, a little known fact is that the US Forces have admitted to using the theme tune “I Love You” which is one of Barney’s more famous songs to interrogate suspects and convicted terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. They found it had the desired effect and the people being questioned opened right up!!! Go Barney!!