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Click Member link to see site in tvAnn-Christin's Yorkshire Terrier's
About my Yorkshire Terriers. Links on BARF

Sinclair PONs
Naturally Reared Polish Lowland Sheeepdogs.

Nidra Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels fed on a BARF diet to show success.

Joyvnture Papillons
We are devoted to feeding a total BARF diet to our lovely Papillons. Joyvnture is a joint venture in Australia and the USA.

Bone Apetit -Bones and Raw Food, Burlington Ontario
Learn more about the A to Z's of BARF and how and natural pet food diet can be beneficial to your dog or cat. Suppliers of a fresh (frozen) natural pet food diet in the Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and ...

HatTrick Dalmatians
Useful information, photos and links to all aspects of dog ownership and keeping your dogs healthy, not just Dals.{;}{;}If you are going to have quality, you might as well feed your dogs quality.

Braxenburg® Rottweilers
Home of Canada's # 1 Rottweiler OVERALL 2000, and # 1 Rottweiler bitch ALL-BREED, 1999.{;}The Braxenburg® Breeding Program obsesses on producing healthy, intelligent, {;}athletic Rottweilers for show and ...

Selkatz Tonkinese
Naturally raised Tonkinese cats and kittens including raw food recipes, on-line book store and much more. Instructions on bathing, grooming and showing a Tonkinese cat.

Batangabee ACD's - Our Diet
Batangabee Australian Cattle Dogs - some thoughts on the importance of a natural diet and our own dog's menu.

The BARF Pictorial
A Pictorial description of a typical night of prepacommunity a homemade "BARF" style diet. Photos include step by step meal preparation, and dogs enjoying their meals. Sample menu is given, as well as ...

Seri's corner
infomation on natural health care of dogs based on experience

Lakai German Pinschers *GATEWAY* to HEALTH & NUTRITION
Health, Nutritional Articles (BARF vs commercial kibble), Immunity, Vaccinations & Disease, Alternative & Holistic medicine & veterinarians.

Mija Basenjis
Tells about the Basenji, there health and there Barf Diet

Scorpeo's Web
This site contains info about my dog, myself, and BARF, and also contains links about dog breeds, dog rescues, and misc. stuff.

The Ellie, Tannu and Flyer Website
Three Siberian Huskies who live in Southern California and enjoy the Bones and Raw Foods diet.

Legacy Saint Bernards
My thoughts on the BARF diet and the amazing changes it's made in my saint bernards.

Chateau du Chien
Nutrition: The Truth About Cats and Dogs, and What They Should Really be Eating! The basics of what goes into commercial pet foods, and an introduction to natural feeding.

Wrangler Collies
We are a small hobby kennel located in Hunterdon County, NJ. We breed versatile Rough and Smooth Collies who excel in the breed and performance communitys and also share our lives with retired racing ...

J'Stone Cairns
The site is about our Cairn Terriers.

Cardercrest Nutrition
The Cardercrest Nutrition site describes our methods for feeding our dogs. We are committed to raw feeding and responsible breeding and ownership. We will take the time to point people into the right resources ...

Lyric Flat-Coated Retrievers Barfpage
Lyric Flat-Coated Retrievers . . . versatile flat-coats since 1986, in both colors. Raw fed since 1998!

Our Dalmatians BARF Diet
The diet that has given our dalmatian Emma relief from weekly episodes of epilepsy, a true miracle, the only thing that has worked in her 7 year struggle with the Seizure Monster

Raw Dogs
This is a live journal discussion group for people who feed or are interested in feeding their dogs and cats a raw, kibble free, diet.

Wayeh Malamutes & Siberians
Wayeh Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies, located in East Tennessee, where sleddogs work for their raw meaty bones.

Ridgewood Standard Poodles
Exceptional Standard Poodles for Show, Performance and Companionship since 1981{;}{;}Breeding for Quality not Quantity {;}{;}My website showcases my Poodles, but I have a lot of helpful information and ...

Service Dog Raw
To encourage feeding a raw diet to service/assistance dogs

Cozy Critter Pet Store
Family owned and operated online pet store.Sell only quality pet products.

Yellow Jacket Scotties
Home of the Yellow Jacket Scottish Terriers. Raising Quality Scotties with health , temperament and breed standard as the key to a Top Notch Terrier!

Heronview Raw and Natural
Food the way nature intended. Large variety of raw meats in one location. Our product is fresh and our prices are reasonable. We have supplements and natural treats also.

Moopaw is a site based on the prevention of animal abuse with a training area and a pet plaza that contains all of a pets needs such as apparel, beds & blankets, bowls & bottles, cages & pens, carriers ...