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{;}A site about my personal beliefs. Includes poetry, writing, and pictures. All original content.

Poetry In A Cup
Original poetry - Guest poets - Featured poet award - Submission accepted.{;}

Two Wild Swans
A complete novel with illustrations, set in Germany and Spain ducommunity WWI.

Collection of poetry and writings

Frazz's Garden
A place where I share parts of my life and my poetry.{;}

Moonlight's Mystic Dreams
Dreams Angels Nature{;}All that keeps our creative spirit alive{;}

Bast Cat Goddess
{;}Information about{;}Eygptian Goddess Bast. Lots of pictures.

Ice Princess' Palace
My Original poetry, short stories and a few other 'lil bits and pieces.{;}

Passion In The Fog
Passion In The Fog is my site of expression, feelings, and the inner me. The poetry and writings are from the heart and my give you a clue to why I am "The Runaway Bride".{;}

Camelot revisited
A lighthearted look at the Arthurian legends through The Alternative Idylls of Allan Scott, plus a more serious look at events after Camlann, plus other personal poetry.

{;}A site for all my songs and poetry i write

Aria's Stars
This is a site for the romantic; for one who loves life,one who lives in and out of the clouds, believes in fairies, angels, castles and knights; for one who tastes the rain, touches leaves, and still ...

Amy's World Of Poetry & Songs
{;}A site for Amy's poetry and songs she writes.

The Closer's Song
Dedicated to the existential novel by the same name,poetry,philosophy,mysticism,spirituality{;}

Elena's Poetry Corner
Original poetry from my (as yet) unpublished and unfinished vampire novel, Blood Relations. Each poem was written, in effect, by one of the characters in my book. Ahem. My vampire family is NOT dysfunctional! ...

Life Poems Inspirational Insights from life's walk
Inspirational Poems, life poems, angst insights, set out as inspirational greeting cards to touch the very heart and soul and make you think, insight inspicommunity and encouraging. Old age Nature child ...

A collection of poetry (either written by me or by the world's best writers),quotes (about love & the business world) and images I've created. Come take a look...

Rachel Romero :Author
Novel titles include: Girl of Virtue, Woman of Honor?

Majic Angels
Spiritual information and fun tos ahre.

Spiritual Majic
Spiritual information, web links and communitys,web competitions and fun to share.

Ramblings of an Insane Faery...
My family, journal, pets and much, much more...

Life's Musings

Raven's Realm
Raven's Realm is dedicated to author M.J. Spickett and her novel series surround magician Elijah Hawke, and his mystical Guardians as they search for the secret behind his magic and his hidden past.

Poetry today is HUGE as proved by surfing the web. Why couldn't a news pundit add zest to a column with a short snappy poem? This site experiments with how it might be done!

Poetry for a Night Owl
Poetry Free style, narrative and short poems, haiku, tanka, senryu, sonnets.

A place to relax, have fun and get FREE eBooks!
A website with information about Will Durant's "100 Best Books for an Education," more information on the books and authors and where to download them for free!