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This community is for you -- the true Barbie girl! We help you find information on Barbie as well as loads of great products.
Whether you're after modern, vintage and collectible Barbie dolls or the things that go with them like clothes or Barbie Doll houses; it's all here for you and more. Find out about Barbie's history and the waves she's been making lately. And don't forget to have fun!

Barbie Dolls and Other Barbie Goodies
If you're looking for anything to do with Barbie dolls then look no further! From Rapunzel Barbie to Ken to modern, vintage and collectible Barbie dolls; we've got it here.

Everything To Do With Barbie Dolls
This is a Barbie collector's dream! From modern, vintage and collectible Barbie dolls, to accessories like Barbie doll houses, clothes and more; we've got it all right here.

We All Wanna Be Like Our Barbie Dolls
What little girl didn’t want to grow up to become just like the Barbie dolls she plays with? I mean, who doesn’t wanna be tall, tanned, blonde, gorgeous and drive around in a pink Vette?? This is precisely why Barbie is the icon that she has been since the beginning in 1959. (Yup, Barbie is old yet still lookin’ hotter than any of us!!)

When the Barbie brand was launched, Mattel knew that they had a good solid product but they had no idea how much the doll would become a role model to little girls and an icon in her own right. The doll was designed by Ruth Handler who modeled the doll on the perfect woman. Long legs, a small pinched in waist, small hip and large boobs. Her features are exceptionally beautiful and her long blond hair is a trademark. In the years that followed Barbie has had several different hair colors but the blond hair is the most popular. Barbie has had a whole range of friends created for her, a family, boyfriends and even pets. The accessories that are available mount up to everything you could ever want to create your own Barbie world. Practically everything that is available in our real lives has been miniaturized and created for your Barbie world; knives and forks, plates, cups, clothes, furniture, pictures, cameras, cell phones and homes. These are just a very, very small number of things that are available to the collector of the Barbie doll.

Because of the world wide craze of the Barbie doll she has appeared in numerous films, video and console games, clothing ranges for girls and has even a range of her own books. Barbie has been publicized on a massive scale and is featured on TV adverts, magazines, newspapers and even billboards. Barbie is everywhere! Mattel has even said that they believe that a Barbie doll is bought every half a second and that they have sold over two billion dolls since her creation. No surprise when you consider that not only have they managed to make barbie fresh for every generation since her creation but have come up with collectible Barbie dolls for adults who grew up with her and are now collecting instead of just playing. Actually vintage Barbie dolls can get you quite a pretty penny these days so becoming a Barbie collector ain't such a bad idea!

Barbie has had a “steady” relationship with a male doll (and hottie!) named “Ken” since his creation and addition to the Barbie growing brand in 1961. In 2004they were reported to the press as “splitting up” and because of the outrage caused by Barbie looking for love elsewhere she was reunited with Ken in 2006 after two years apart. I guess people even want to live the perfect monogamous relationship through Barbie too!

Another thing that has recently caused an out rage is among mothers of children who love the doll is that the doll is not realistic in her size and shape or her body image as some call it. Because of this in recent years Mattel has widened the waist of Barbie and made her boobs shrink some. This has appeased the mothers to some degree although they still are reserved when it comes to this issue as they believe that it gives children the wrong idea of what their bodies should look like but it is believed that it is up to the parents to point out to the children that Barbie is a doll and not an advert for a healthy normal body.
Touché Mattel, touché!