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Click Member link to see site in tvFundamental Perspective
Fundamental Perspective exists to edify, encourage, and enlist servants in the Lordís ministry. On our site you will be able to read and discuss thoughts, sermons, and articles from several independent, ...

Pastor Mark's (Re)Marks
Reflections on current issues and general observations from a south Texas pastor with a south Texas perspective.

Growing Towards Excellence
Would you like to become a better person? If I did a survey asking people this question, I%m sure I would receive 100% response YES!!!! %Who started today deciding on one thing they were going to be.. ...

A blog that discusses my thoughts on Theology, Baptist press, the SBC, Politics that relate to religious issues, and devotions.

The Scriptorium
I am a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary looking to explore issues of theology, faith, practice, and whatever else strikes my wide-ranging interest.

A Fledgling with Tattered Wings
Thoughts of someone new to Faith but not to life.

Letters to the Thirsty
Life, art, books, humor, and more!


Exiled Preacher
Theological musings, reviews, comment analysis and discussion.

Observations From The Sidelines
Observations From The Sidelines By One Ejected From The Game

Skewed View

Global Perspectives
A theological conversation about culture, mission, and world events. This blog is authored by current, former, and retired American Baptist missionaries.

Doing Theology from the Caribbean
The theological meandecommunitys of Daniel Schweissing, American Baptist Missionary to the Bahamas.

Stimulation--the little piece of dust that irritates the crap out of an oyster until a pearl is produced. Working in athletics, churches, and now educational institutions (and I guess as the parent of ...

The Levellers were a religiously-inspired movement for radical democracy, social justice (especially for the poor), religious liberty and human rights. The most eloquent of their leaders was the General ...

Child of the Wind
A journey explocommunity faith, hope and love.

An occasional bulletin of my search for truth, justice, and "I'm still withholding judgment on the American way." I consider myself a traditional baptist, and just in case you haven't figured it out, I ...

New Baptist Covenant
The unofficial weblog for the New Baptist Covenant celebration that will be held in Atlanta on January 30-February 1, 2008.

Howie Luvzus
Views of a Recovecommunity Southern Baptist

Learning Life's Lessons
Contemplation on Christian Life with a Dash of Humor . . . and an Occasional Bite.

Feed My Sheep

Christ, Dragons, and Today
A layman's thoughts on Christian beliefs.

Amazing Grace
Reflections on Christianity in the 21st Century from a Baptist perspective

CBF Portal
Weíve started this blog for those who are interested in CBF and the ministries associated with it. We hope it will do three things. 1. Allow you to find out about all the work that Fellowship people ...

Big Daddy Weave
A Progressive Theo-Political Bcommunitying You The Best And Worst Of Baptist Life

Marin County Jesus
A humorous and irreverent account of my years as a Southern Baptist seminary student in the San Francisco Bay area.

SBC Ghost Recon
Observations, musings, and thoughts on various issues.

Blinded by Grace
Random thoughts on the news, culture, and the church

Through the Veil
See the world around us and realize salvation is THROUGH THE VEIL.

I'm Free
Preachers Wife, Mom of Three, Bible Study Leader, High School Teacher

Sana Anya is a Work at Home Mommy!
My site is all things frugal, mommy and more about being mommy.

the free (church) radical
Welcome to the Free (Church) Radical blog. If you have arrived here via www.astatum.net, you'll notice that a few have changed. You may still access older posts from my older blog at www.astatum.blogspot.com. ...

The Steel City Clown Brigade
The Steel City Clown Brigade is a Christian Clown troop that meets in Homestead Pennsylvania. We specialize in Evangelism and Humor Therapy. We use the traditional circus arts to spread Christ's message. ...