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if the night runs over, it's ok, we'll just spin toward the moonlight

Pages from the Unknown Book
Poetry of imaginative proportions and poetry of realism that tricks the mind, you have to come to a conclusion on what you want to see, and how you want to see it.

MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades
{;}Take a journey though love, life, romance, happiness, sorrow, quips, quirks, relaxation and one woman's survival story. {;}{;}Take a journey through MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades

{;}Come forsake your soul to the fires of the night...

Andrea's Realm
I'm an unrecognized literary genius. I deal with it.{;}

my site has poems, cartoon dolls and shoutouts to friends. i also belong to a couple communitys.{;}

The Road To Nowhere
A personal site with stuff like poetry, "web adoptions", some pictures, "art", ect.

What is TS? (My Battle with Tourette Syndrome).
This is about What Tourette Syndrome is, and how I have risen above this disability. This Mini Website also contains editorials I have written on the subject, and my Autobiography which was published back ...

The Purple Rose
{;}This is my personal site and it has lots of content, I think. There is a lot to keep a visitor busy, and I'm trying to update as often as possible :)

A collection of poetry (either written by me or by the world's best writers), quotes (about love & the business world), books and images I've created. Come take a look...

ArmadaFan's Cricket Pages.
A Special Tribute to the game Baseball evolved from.