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For bad gals with attitude who need a spankin'! *purrrrr!*

where dreams and reality collide

g-stcommunitys and gin and nylon hose... *kiss kiss* *bang bang* everything goes!

Bruised & Broken
c l i c k m e!

a dark maiden
enter the lair of horror slut duana r anderson and{;}unearth the deep dark creations that possess her deviant{;}mind.... gothic, fetish, horror, erotica... photography, dark{;}art, erotic stories, poetry, ...

Life through one girl's glasses.

Dreamkiss is my personal journal part of my site ibdreamy.com.{;}It's a place for me to vent and share my crazy life with others.{;}Some I've gotten to know very well over this past year.{;}Come visit ...

Cynical Countess
Chock full of sarcasm lovingly hand crafted and presented to you by a tender considerate misanthrope, and more wiseass remarks than you can shake a stick at. With rants, pictures, and various other mediums ...

+ With Eyes Of Eden +
It's a personal site with stuff for you...come and see for yourself.

Blistery she burns.

Garden of Flesh
erotic, fantasy, and gothic artwork from a variety of artists.

hero 116
personal site

she draws dead people... this is her blog, etc.