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BadHombres - The old west still captures the imagination of millions of people, and in particular, outlaws of the old west. Many of course weren't actually outlaws, just fellas that fought a corrupt system in the only way they knew how, their six shooter. Only sites about outlaws with excellent content are admitted. So kick off your boots and set back a spell and learn about these wild characters.

Bad Hombres Community Homepage
Homepage of the BadHombres Community - featucommunity sites all about outlaws of the old west.

Billy the Kid: Outlaw Legend
My site has info on Billy the Kid, his friends and enemies, the Lincoln County War, Brushy Bill Roberts, and dozens of photos of various people and places related to Billy the Kid's life.

Heith's Billy the Kid Website
A very good & descriptive site on Billy ~ the ~ Kid & his Legend!!!! Includes TONS of INFORMATION & a HUGE photo page!!!! If you want Information On Billy ~ the ~ Kid and/or his Legend then this is one ...

SOUTHERN LATITUDES: The Old West of Billy the Kid
This site is about Billy the Kid, the West's most notorious and controversial outlaw. It presents the known facts about his short and violent life and invites the viewer to initiate his own research into ...

James-Younger Gang
Many of the original Western outlaws had been guerrilla raiders ducommunity the war--which in the Missouri-Kansas border area stretched from 1854 to 1865. Cole Younger, and Frank and Jesse James had been ...

The Lady Outlaw's Hideout
Home page for Scribe, The Lady Outlaw, a site devoted to providing documented information on some of the most infamous outlaws of the Wild, Wild West.{;}

The History of the James-Younger Gang
My site is about the true story of the Old West's most famous outlaw gang, the James-Younger Gang. Included is a chronology of the gang, photos of people involved in the gang, and detailed accounts of ...

Lucas Speer's Billy the Kid Website
This website offers lots of info about the life of Billy the Kid and his involvement in the Lincoln County War, as well as numerous photos of Billy the Kid related historic sites as they appear today! ...

Western Outlaws
This site has the facts on some of the old west outlaws. We\'ve got Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and many more.