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knitting and things

the brook that knits
badass knitwear designer and teacher.

Makes & Creates
Amy's craft blog. Amy loves knitting and many other crafts.

Folk Art Dilettante
the creative compulsions of an unknown artist

Crafty Beaver
mostly crochet, some knitting. Free patterns

Blogging my knitting adventures.

the ups, the downs, the sideways and the just plain topsy/turvy tales of my life as a first time mom who never thought she would get here.

The Grimm Witch of Jersey
Spilling the beans on teaching, writing, reading, wire-working, beading, crocheting, and knitting with my mamma and little sis.

Strings And Sealing Wax
Ari's blog about knitting and other crafty things. Free patterns.

Knitting, crocheting, needlework, local handicraft...and much more!

Sand & Sky Creations
Ramblings on fiber arts and life.

Confessions of a yarn addict
Knitting, weaving, and sewing helps keep my sanity in check. Though one look at my current stash of fiber, one has to wonder...is there such a thing as TOO MUCH yarn?

The meandecommunity journey of a Pagan and her needles.

More Than Muscles
Just a plain vanilla blog!

Worsted Knitt is a site with a lots of opinions about knitting and other fiber arts I try out, animal welfare, books, life in Germany and sometimes bitching about politics, too.

Knitting, life, general chaos

Daisy Crafts a LOT of crap
A knitting blog mainly, but it also show a bit of other crafts. Basically I craft a lot of crap.

Baby Toes
Handmade, knitted and crocheted items and patterns made with care and inspired by my babies' toes.

Blog about knitting and other creative endeavors...

Close Knit
How knitting and crafting are helping to save my life, really.

blogging about knitting, life, and art with lots of photos!

I knit therefore I am

Betsy's Knitting Notebook
Free knitting patterns, handmade stitch markers, knitted jewelry and needle felted art.

DaniDo Crafty
A blog about knitting, dying, designing, teaching and occasionally music and politics.

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, home of COLORBOMB Creations Handspun Art Yarn & Fibery Goodness. Blogging on topics such as: Arcata, Humboldt, knitting, spinning, crochet, disc golf, reading, sarcasm, ...

The life and leisure of a freelance illustrator who also dabbles in knitting, gaming and general geekery.

jsins knits
A Pittsburgher crafting her way through life.

Mychawd: The Knitting Samurai
On a narrow-minded world filled with images of knitting grandmas, who is left to take up sticks and stcommunity, and knit to make everything cozy? It is I, Mychawd The Knitting SAMurai

I've had a lifelong love affair with needlework of all kinds. Right now my passion is knitting, but that could change any moment. I knit, crochet, embroider, am learning to spin, and have been known to ...

A place for disabled and handicapped knitters/crocheters to get together to meet new people, make new friends, chat, share patterns or even to just show off our love for the craft(s)...

Knitting Knoobie
A blog by a relatively new knitter chronicling her journey to become a more experienced knitting genius. Or something like that.

I'm Sandie - a wife, mom and grandma who loves to spoil my family, and indulge my creative talents! I design and make plus sized clothing, knitwear, jewelry and handbags that I sell in my 2 Etsy Shops, ...

Knitty Nutty Me
Nothing sets my mind free and liberates my fantasy the way knitting and crocheting do and not to mention the happiness that comeswith buying new yarn... As fellow knitters I know you understand all of ...

A guy, knitting in the woods. Not nessesary a knitblogg as such, but I write about whats important to me and knitting is one of those things. I live in rural Sweden, well.....in teh sticks honestly. Our ...