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Two Needles and a Black Sheep
A lil' black sheep types about her life, projects and yada yada.

Sheng Chi Me
My adventures in knitting, crochet, genealogy and Feng Shui after a break from knitting after having a baby I am back, sticks in hand determined to branch out from scarves.

knitting, spinning, homesteading, unschooling, freak of nature

snanin väkerryksiä

Rilana Knits!
Just my little space in blogdom to share my life, thoughts and knitting.

strange yarns ;; skull charms

I am over 50 years old. I've had 6kids. Believe, my ass is BAAAADDDD!!!

a personal webblog about knitting, mothecommunity, and other random things

An Australian blog about knitting, feminism, politics and other sticky things

CharleyFarley Knits

knitting blog

Fiber Smarts
The blog is for: shacommunity yarnish thrills and knowledge, including FREE knitting and crochet patterns; encouraging eco-friendly fiber arts; saving our postmodern souls from the alienation of posti ...

Knitstant Gratification
The knitting life of a funky, city-loving graduate student.

Crafty Beaver
A little bit of crochet, loom knitting, craft swaps & life

Brouhaha Knits!
Knitting and blathecommunity on (and on... and on...) with attitude in Toronto

Domestic Piracy
Being a blog on the domestication of pirates, including knitting, quilting, gardening, and sundry other skills that come in handy whilst aboard.

Regaining our sanity, one stitch at a time. Life's a Stitch and then you Frog!


Viva Scrapper
Just a Crafty Hot Rod Chickie living in Los Angeles trying to keep her car on the road and her hands busy.

A blog about knitting and anything else that comes to mind--including liberal political rants and "If I ran the Universe" diatribe. What can I say, I have oppinions.

Heading towards disaster

Knit This Bitch
the (mostly) knitting blog of a crazed college kid with an eye for fiber and animals.

KBLicious and Good For You Too!
knitting, crocheting, threatening to spin, kvetching a lot... oh yeah, and I'm a BOY! :)

Crochet, African Violets and More
My blog about knitting, crochet and my affrican violets.

Alarming Female
Not keeping my opinions to myself Blogging to connect with others in the feminist ADHD knitter reader teacher photographer chess enthusiast soapmaker demographic. All six of us.

Yarn Obsessed Mississippi Girl
Yarn obsessed says it all, I, myself, am yarn obsessed. Not only that I am a mom, wife, owned my 3 Siberian Huskys and 2 kitties. Showing off my knitting and my family is a passion, so enjoy.

in the midden of nowhere
mainly knitting and crafts in general; sci fi, Star Trek, cats, women's tennis, and anything else I feel like

Knitting Blog


In Between Stitches
Knitting, procrastination, projects, and musings.

Jo's very exciting blog
fan of alternative art,knitting, crafting and ranting about life in general. rock on!

Hey, Knit Happens!
My wacky adventures in knitting.

Ganiggle Knits
A Girl and Her Yarn

Psychic Knitter
knitting blog

Catirina Bonet Designs
This blog is about life, art, knitting, crochet, and sewing. I will write about techniques, tips, design, and the community of art and creativity.

Knitiot Savant

From the Obsessed Crafter
Here I talk about knitting projects for both hand and machine. There are Free and sale patterns, tips and techniques that are helpful to anyone interested,polls and links to helpful places. All of the ...

The Noble Art of Fuckiing Things Up
A site in Swedish about knitting, trying to be a goodie-two-shoes-roch'n'roll-house wifing-advertise agency working-fuck up.

Taj's Ramblings
Rambling on about my knitting, my family and life in general.... but mostly about my knitting!

Knittwit's Wooly Thinking
A blog documenting my knitting projects with my personal life thrown in.

I bitch about my current knitting projects, while talking about the other stuff going on in my life.

Knittinfun Blog
Knitting,Loving and Living on the Gulf Coast

Knit My Grits
A blog primarily about knitting, but as a free thinker, I'm usually going on about something else that has me wondecommunity why...

Brigids Buttons
a site dedicated to my adventures in knitting, cooking, crafting and sewing in my tiny brooklyn apartment.

Joan of Dark Knits
Adventures of a roller derby knitter/coffee shop owner, who has too many animals, too many shoes, and too many bruises.

Pirouettes and Purls
A blog where I ramble about my knitting and dancing.

The Top 100 Knitting Sites
The Best Knitting Sites On The Internet

Rapt with Fiber
My blog is about my obsession with fiber arts, of course, which right now consists mostly of knitting and some crochet. In the future I'd like to expand it to include spinning, sewing, weaving, and whatever ...

Costumechick and her Mind Control Powers
Costumechick's misadventures in knitting, and hopefully less sweacommunity than usual.