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My art and knitting...wait, aren't they the same thing?

knit, daisy, knit
just another knit blog.

Andey's thoughts
Whatever pops into my head. Usually has something to do with knitting.

Till Death Do I Knit
My knitting site that I hope to turn into an area where I publish patterns. If I ever end up writing one down.

Cast on Erika!
Knitting site by an American grad student who's currently abroad. (She's a broad, too!)

Adventures in Knitting
My struggles and successes as a knitter.


Blogging about my knitting, life, University, work, therapy, etc. currently in Munich, Germany.

Ramblings of a Crafter
A blog where I ramble on about my crafts and y kitty.

Idle Fingers Are the Work of the Devil
Knitting project progress

knits, purls, and curls

amandamonkey's World of Stitch
I like political wonks and a good bagel. I spend a lot of my time making lists and counting stitches. ...and stabbling people who sit too close to me on the train with my needles.

The Spun Monkey Fiber Shoppe
The Spun Monkey offers handspun yarns made with humane and sustainable fibers for your knitting pleasure!

World Traveling Evil Fiber Enabler
Ramblings of a fiber-besotted old broad.

A site with pics of completed knit and crochet projects. Lots of free pattern websites. Helpful how to links to knit and crochet.

Dr. Girlfriend Knits
Just my blog about my knitting and life!

Another slightly 'cracked' crafter with too much time on her hands (I wish!).

The Purl Parables
I LOVE to knit stuff! I've designed *some* things, I may even one day put them up on my site (When I feel they're good enough to do so)

Priscilla's Knitting Blog
Site is about my knitting and crafts, my cats, free knitting patterns and knitting site website awards.

a splendiferous thinig
Where I blog about all my crafty ways.

Wool Over My Eyes
The wooly side of my life. My adventures in fiber as I knit and learn to spin.

Knitty Knotty Blog
knitting spinning kids

Twitchy Knitter
Me and my knitting...and some other stuff.

Knitting and Interruptions of Life
Its about knitting and life. I'd rather be knitting, but life interrupts me and I have to work and be a mom.

knitten ninja
i am a boy who knits.

a tale of a urban girl trying to keep her knit straight !stitch by stitch !!!

about my knitting, dogs, life and whatever I want.

Right Out Loud
Where I showcase knitting, wax poetic about yarn, and celebrate a creative life

The Pinko Bitch Knits
Where terrible things are done to yarn.

*making it in the city*

Rosie Knits
A blog about a knitting and yarn obsession and the Hubby that supports it (reluctantly).

Arts and crafts funlimited
All the arts and handicrafts I can imagine

All Things Shea
This is the home for All Things Shea, whether it be family, craft, or hobby oriented.

Who Gives A Knit
I am a hip Grandma with a mind of my own. I love to knit and talk about life and everything wonderful that is happening to me as I experience the best years of my life. I believe in living life to the ...

Bella Bambina
knittin and crochet for Long Island babies and for fun!

Monet Crochet
Lots of Crochet, Just starting to knit, some other crafts and some on life when crap just needs to be said! :)

The Kelly Green Rogue
The exciting adventures of the Kelly-Green Rogue - Librarian by day, knitter, homeowner, dog lover, avid reader and just plain opinionated by night!

knitting pretty

Sylvie the Procrasknitter
my blog is about knitting, various other crafts, my two cats and my life in general


My Yarn Stash IS My Retirement Plan
Let's put the Bitch back in Stitch and Bitch.

Morgiana's Manifesto
The world from the point of view of red-haired girl who keeps herself busy with all possible things: knitting, crocheting, sewing and godzillions of other stuff.

The Stinging Sheep
Personal knitting with an aim at regional focus & promotion and an emphasis on local (Wilmington, DE) urban and global progressive development with a craft/knit relevance.

A knitter who likes to spin, knit and stay physically fit.

Read a little about me, my family life and my knitting.

One girl. Two sticks. Far too much yarn. Includes knitting art projects and articles.

Maya's World
My knitting, my philosophy

Crafty Girly
My adventures through the fiber arts.

the RhythmMeow makes
i take photos. i knit. i take photos of my knitting and this is where i write about it.

mostly a knitting blog