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The official community for the international babygoth population; members of the mailing list (http://www.velvet.net/babygoth/) are especially encouraged to apply.

Act Like An Angel (Don't Be One)
It's just a site I made out of boredom and for some strange reson have grown fond of. You tell me why that is because I have no idea.

taylir's random kick ass page(my page)
hey this is a site of me (taylir) it has a few minor pics and some things im interested in. its sooo not done yet so just be nice ^_^ its got some cute quotes in there as well. ';) layda

Victorian Echoes
The Victorian Echoes are a New Orleans based parlor duet ,with strong jazzy undertones and a 19th century expression. Evoking the atmosphere of an older era, these attractive young characters create an ...