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Over onze lieve kleine dochter geboren op 28/04/2000.

Fabiola's Ukkepukkie
Ukkepukkie vertelt zijn/haar belevenissen in mama's buik en laat dmv echofoto's zien hoe hard hij/zij groeit.

My Baby Page
Hi! I am due on October 7th and I am loved so much already so I have a wonderful homepage and I hope you like it:)

Sofia´s homepage
Only about Sofia. Nice photos and great links.

Welkom op Quinn's homepage.
Quinn's homepage geeft een mooi overzicht van ons menneke !!

Cornelias Hemsida
A page about a swedish baby girl born in December 2000.

Sander's Pages
This site is dedicated to my first baby boy, Sander, who was born the 21st of November 2000.