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Well, we all Blog but what sets us apart? F: The fact that we are all bloggeresses (to be politically/genderically correct)? M/H: Our covered heads enabling a better encased cranium and hence a thought process more refined and integillent (misspelling intended) than the *rest*? P: Being a resident or somewhere-in-the-bloodline Pakistani? R: Love to let loose on the World Wide Web your thoughts routed regularly on your blog? S/C: Are all so self-assured and confident and think we are the cat’s whiskers? E:And are all extraordinarily everything good under the sun! To join this Community, assess your own self; minimum three/b> yes’es to the ANY of the above above and you are onboard

Ninja On The Loose
And imsight into the lives of six crazy Ninja's on the loose.

The Structure of Entropy
My blog attempts to understand current affairs especially as they affect Muslims and Pakistanis, to share its understandings of religious insights from Islam, and to express its wonderment and love of ...