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A community for people with homepages that deal with everything in the world of Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables.

Julie's Anne of Green Gables site
My site is about Anne of Green Gables! It has pictures, an Adoption Agency, a poll, and more!!

Green Gables Reader
The Green Gables Reader is an e-mail newsletter with trivia and links. We also have a large bookstore of books and items related to Anne of Green Gables and L.M. Montgomery.

~Valancy nad Her Blue Castle~
This site is devoted to L.M. Montgomery's lesser known book, The Blue Castle. This site is for all dreamers and those who love a great book.

Sathya's World of Books
Drop into my world of books - where I dwell into the beautiful worlds of literature created by past Masters of Words. This is a page dedicated to those great authors who have made the Today so much more ...

A Journey Through Green Gables
All about Anne Shirley and her journey through Green Gables. Music, greeting cards, globes, photos, character stats, kindred spirits, bosom friend, and more!

Pearl of Emilys
A site on the Emily of New Moon books -- not the TV series! Contains summaries, pictures, links, and Emily's poetry.

~The Kindred Spirits and Dreamers community~
This community is for sites dealing with Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery, Emily of New Moon, Pat of Silverbush, the Anne movies, or/and Emily of New Moon. Really anything that relates to L.M. Montgomery ...

Ingleside Dreams
A site dedicated to the Anne of Green Gables books and characters, along with information about L.M. Montgomery and the Victorian Era.

Felix and Izzy True Love Finally
All about Felix King and Izzy Pettibone; Fan Fiction; Pictures; Polls.

Anne's Avonlea
This is my site dedicated to Anne of Green Gables: including the books and the movies.

A page dedicated to L.M. Montgomery, describing her life and why she is an inspirational woman.

El Mundo de L.M. Montgomery
A spanish site about LMM, her wonderful work and her life in Prince Eduard Island. {;}Una página es español acerca de LMM, su maravilloso trabajo y su vida en la IPE.

Emily Starr: A Weaver of Dreams
After noticting that there were only a few sites on the internet dedicated to the wonderful Emily Starr books by L.M. Montgomery, we were a little disheartened. We were of the conviction that these book ...

Shirley's Anne of Green Gable Site
This site is about the movie Anne of Green Gable.

My site is all about the world of L.M. Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables. Here, information can be found about works by Montgomery, and information about the Anne books and movies by Sullivan Entertainment. ...

The World of Anne (Cordelia) Shirley
My site is dedicated to the wonderful Anne series of books by L. M. Montgomery. Stop by and read some original articles and humor, find out about Anne's era and life... even adopt a Kindred Orhpan of your ...

Avonlea White Sands
Get your own free customizable page (My Yahoo! style) e-mail and more. Find out which Avonlea Villager you most resmble with our personality quiz and more.

Avonlea Addicts
Everything dealing with the world of Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea.

New Found Hope
A web page that has a little bit of everything I am interested in. I hope you stop by and enjoy.

Road to Avonlea
My site actually features a variety of things but I made one page on Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea. Very simple, but sincere. Come visit! My homepage URL is http://guints.tripod.com/ann/ind ...

L. M. Montgomery in Rainbow Valley
This site is dedicated to L. M. Montgomery including her poetry, photographs, biography and her works.

'The Nine Lives of Lucy Maud Montgomery'
A site dedicated to the upcoming musical, \"The Nine Lives of Lucy Maud Montgomery\". Adam-Michael James and Leo Marchildon have created a multimedia experience chronicling the life of the quintessential ...