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Bond together, those Brothers and Sisters, who are adventurers in the Realms of the Dark Ages of Camelot.

The Emerald Circle
Home of The Emerald Circle, a guild devoted to ensucommunity the maximum enjoyment of Dark Age of Camelot by all of our members.{;}

Knights Of Insomnia
BEHOLD!!! We shall go forth on the semi open digitally rendered plains and blood will flow like chocolate milk from the noses of small children and EVIL BAD NOT NICE things will happen. Less recognizable ...

Amhran Pheadar Breathnach
The home of the Amhran Pheadar Breathnach Guild located in Hibernia on the Tristan Server. We welcome you to our home.

Dark Shadowz
New and growing hybernia based guild on the Lancelot Server. All levels welcome. We have things going on for all levels wether you\'re a noob or a seasoned level 50.

Camelot Australis
Camelot Australis is a Community website for Australian/New Zealand and others from the general area who are interested in or play Daoc.

Last Call
Last Call is a guild of Dark Age of Camelot. We are found on the Iseult server in the realm of Midgard.{;}

Armyn ab Treanid - Hibernia/Guinevere
Out of the ashes of a once secret and leaderless band of ne'er-do-wells rises a true band of Heroes. Armyn ab Treanid, or Arms of Valour, is that band of Heroes. We are Warriors, Lovers, Poets, and Protectors ...

Guardians Of Valor
Guardians of Valor is a Dark Age of Camelot Guild in the Tristan Server, Hibernia realm.

This site is dedicated to spreading the world of hylo, valhalla and the glory of brecon. Brecon and camelot were the greatest kingdoms of their time.{;}

Echo of Valor
{;}A close knit Guild in Midguard on the Bedevere server, focusing on all a fun, family atmoshpere as well as RvR. If you play on the Bedvere server, and play for the pure enjoyment of it all, look us ...

Dark Age of Camelot Stats
It's a table of the Realms,Races,& Classes.

Ilfirin Draugrim
Guild Site for Ilfirin Draugrim (Gaheris). We are a neutral helpful and friendly guild. Above all, we are a group of friends who like to have fun.

Hall of Valor
The homepage for Champions in the Dark Age of Camelot game. A general forum for all tho exchange advice.