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Night Ladies Poems
Night Ladies POems is a site with poems written by Night Lady aka Annette. Sad, funny, Happy...for everyone a different poem. Come check it out and leave your print in my guestbook if you love poems. Hugs, ...

Leopards Immigration Animals Chimpanzees Music Fun Pages VOTING EXCHANGE and many more

Friendship binds the world
a family friendly site to meet and make new friends, beautiful inspirational pages of quotes and poetry, faces, humours, awards, links and more...

Welcome to a world of darkness and light, of honor and deception, of magic and lore ... where thieves plot in shadow, gypsies dance in firelight, rangers vow justice, fae shimmer with mischief, and missionaries ...

Battlestar New York
Website Devoted to the revival of Battlestar Galactica with the original cast, characters, and themes.

Beyond the Mysts of Avalon
My home beyond the mysts of Avalon.{;}Many things you may find here. Hope to see you visit my home.{;}

Moon Mage's Lair
A safe haven for the weary web traveler with poetry, artwork, myths, webpage guardians and much more.

Land Of Dreams
Take a walk down my pathway through the unicorns, fairies & angels. Also for your enjoyment are poetry and jokes and much more.

Jobear's Corner
Find out about me, my son and things about australia and my hobbies.

Gothic Chamber
Team of Mystickal Realms--a Family-Safe Website Competion for Alternative Sites. The Gothic Chamber is themed for sites of a Vampiric, Gothic or Dark Nature and for other sites that evolve around Graveyards, ...

My page is about friendship and fantasy and more. The page is in Swedish but a plan to make it in english to very soon. I hope you got a good time at my page.

Jane's Wagner Page
Page devoted to the operas of Richard Wagner, with links to Arthurian material

LoveCry, The Street Kids Org., 2005
LoveCry is a non-profit, registered charity owned and operated by the Homeless in Toronto.

Dreams and more
Dreams with PhotoImpact

Lord Ragnarr Dragonheart
Personal homepage of Lord Ragnarr Dragonheart of Gwynedd: esquire, Hordesman, and heavy-weapons fighter in several medieval (and classical) reenactment groups.