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Automobiles, or cars, have changed the way we live, in some ways for better and in some ways for worse. In many ways, the automobile has improved our quality of life, allowing us to travel and to live outside of the cities we work in. The automobile is also an important means of delivering food throughout the world. Because we no longer grow our own food to sustain ourselves, we need automobiles to deliver food and supplies to where we live. Also, because a large proportion of the population of the Western World lives outside the cities in suburbs, automobiles are necessary to provide emergency assistance to people in a timely manner. We use automobiles to transport people to hospitals or to carry a firefighting crew to a burning building. But some of the greatest advances to automobile technology happened during world war one and world war two. Today, automobile manufacturers release new models of automobiles each year. However, there is not much improvement with each new automobile model in terms of engineering. The reason for automobile manufacturers releasing new automobile models each year is to persuade the consumer that their current automobile is out-of-date, even if itís still running fine. For obvious reasons, automobile companies want consumers to buy a new automobile every couple years. The key to selling new automobiles to people who donít need a new automobile is in the marketing of the automobile. A good as campaign will make the consumer want to trade their old automobile for the new model of the automobile. A great ad campaign will make the consumer believe that they canít live without the newest automobile. Another major source of revenue for automobile manufacturers are automobile parts. If some stubborn consumers choose to hang on to their old automobile for more than a couple of years, theyíll likely run into some problems with their automobile and need to replace some parts.

Automobile tires

Though automobile tires may not be the first things you notice about an automobile, automobile tires have a great effect on the automobileís performance. In countries with extreme climates, such as Canada, automobiles need different automobile tires for different seasons. In summer months, automobiles need summer automobile tires and in winter, they need automobile tires with better traction designed for driving on icy roads. Buying the right automobile tires for your automobile and maintaining correct automobile tire pressure can save you money in the long run because youíll minimize your automobileís fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

American Automobile Association

Most automobile drivers at one time or another will need to replace a flat tire on their automobile, and for those who have had a flat automobile tire, you know that they always happen at the most inconvenient time and place. Changing an automobile tire is one of those things you should learn how to do when you learn to drive because learning to change automobile tires is not something you want to do when stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere at night. The first thing to do is make sure that you have a spare tire in your automobile at all times. If you get a flat tire and you donít know how to fix it or donít have the tools to fix it, you can call the american automobile association to come help you. If you donít live in America, there is likely a similar service in your country. The american automobile association provides a wide range of services for automobile drivers, including roadside assistance. If you are a member of the american automobile association, you can call them for assistance if you get into an automobile accident.

Automobile accident

Most automobile drivers have had some involvement in an automobile accident. Though automobile accidents happen all the time, almost everyone whoís involved in an automobile accident claims that they are not to blame, even if there are no other cars involved in the accident. This is partly because automobile insurance companies increase your insurance rates when you cause an automobile accident. Iíve known drivers to drive their automobile into a wall in an empty parking lot and claim that the automobile accident was not their fault. Who then is to blame for their automobile accident? In the end, itís the automobile insurance company that decides.

Automobile insurance

Automobile insurance rates are not calculated according to your automobile accident record alone. Automobile insurance companies hire actuaries to develop formulas based on a number of criteria to predict the risk of insuring and automobile driver. A few of the factors that automobile insurance companies take into account are the automobile driverís age, sex, make of car, and driving record. There are a number of things that can cause your automobile insurance to increase other than causing an automobile accident. Sometimes when a driver with a poor driving record or a suspended driverís license causes an automobile accident, they will offer to pay for the damage if the person whoís automobile they damaged doesnít call the insurance company. That way their insurance rates wonít increase.

Automobile repair

If you are involved in an automobile accident, you will likely need to do some automobile repairs. If your automobile isnít damaged too badly, you may be able to do the automobile repairs yourself. For instance, if your automobile is just a little scratched up, you can buy an automobile repair kit with automobile paint to touch up scratches. If you do serious damage to your automobile in an automobile accident, you will likely need an automobile repair expert to repair your automobile. This may require buying new automobile parts or repairing damaged automobile parts.