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Originally started in 1996, to promote Australian Websites and their Authors. "The Australian Community" connects Websites that are by Australians or about Australia. You do not need to be an Australian to join but your Website must have something directly to do with Australia......

The Home of Noooool
An Australian Site which offers budget-priced domain registration specialising in .com.au, .net.au and .org.au domains

The Australian Ring
This is NEW Official Homepage for "The Australian Ring" since RingSurf decided to destroy a good Ring system by going all out for dollars but almost nothing in the way of results or features for members. Why ...

Started in December, 1996, to promote Australian Websites and their Authors. "The Australian Community" connects Websites that are by Australians or about Australia. You do not need to be an Australian ...

The Glassford Family's Home on the Internet
Our Home on the Internet is like a normal home, with rooms for all the family and rooms for our hobbies and interests. We even have a Home Chapel........

Abbotts Family Site
This site is about myself and my family. It also has poems that i have written

Zaida - Belly Dancing for Older Women
Please change the address for my website as the old welcome.to address has been hijacked by a NASTY and my site can no longer be accessed through that address New address www.mrbean.net.au/~phoebe/

Poems & Ballads of Australian Bushrangers
A collection of Poems and Ballads of Australian Bushrangers, stories about them and links to other Australian literary sites

Our Progress
A site shacommunity the lives of a Christian family of 7!! Also via a link to Tyler (angel in heaven) I have written an entire book on the death of our baby son and how God has changed my life and led ...

Diamond Paws
We are breeders of Staffordshire Bull terriers. We have many pictures of our dogs, pet food information, dog funny pages and many more interesting things to look at. Stop by and sign our guestbook, th ...

My Australia
My Australia with photographs, culture, a trivia list, animals, links and places and things of interest

Graburlynn Bernese Mountain Dogs
A small family of Bernese Mountain Dogs in the UK with some of our Progeny in OZ.

Quokka's Place
My site has a little bit of this and that U.H.F. C.B. Quokka 's, My family and I,quite a bit of info on sawtron ( Kyodo ) radios.

Driftwood Bears
Collector teddy bears from award-winning teddybear artist, Jaccy Thomas of Driftwood Bears, from Australia's Great Barrier Reef gateway - the Whitsundays...also home to The Angel Bear Project - raising ...

Amanda's Castle
A magical castle full of original faeries, dragons and fantasy images which you can adopt for your own page. Plus games, awards, stories, recipes, tutorials and much more!

Welcome to Aussie Tape Trading. {;}We trade video tapes worldwide. Specialising in wrestling events and classic television. High quality and honest.

Sunshine's Homepage
Family, graphics, clean jokes, PSP

An Australian site with info about Australian animals, birds, capital cities, history, flags and other info in regards to Australia.

Art-Rageous Australian Art
Australian art lesson plans, suitable for grades 5-12. Includes directions for making Australian animal puppets, dot paintings and much more--including history of the Aboriginal people. This unit is part ...

Donut in Oz
Blogging my holiday in Aus - Perth, Melbourne and Tassie. Thoughts on Aussie culture, sport, driving, food, society, politics and weather

Strahan & West Coast Taxis
Don't worry about parking spaces or getting caught by the booze bus! Take a ride on the short side with Strahan & West Coast Taxis.

Unique Australian Animals
Unique Australian Animals (Mammals, Marsupials, Reptiles, birds acquatic etc) Plenty of info and pics

Flyboy's Airstrip
This is my website detailing the interests we as a family share, some of my friends their activities as well as the general, everyday aspects of family & working life in my town of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. ...