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The Aussies Together Community is open to all Australians (living here or overseas) with personal sites that are suitable for viewing by all ages.

Laura no iken
An Aussie woman married to a Japanese man, living in Japan, trying to embrace the culture but quite often falling a bit short.

PerthLady's HomePage
Just Your Average Aussie Family!

YORLIG's Home Page
Some of the more popular BUSH BALLADS and POEMS,{;}Some quite interesting LINKS,{;}and a few Tiled BACKGROUNDS.

Harrys Black Hole
Harrys Black Hole - also has jokes, music, food, sports, downloads, travel, chat and games!

Crichton Family Homepage
A South Australian family's site with plenty of fun, links and silliness!{;}

Lucretia's Web Site
Lucretia's Web Site - about alternative and gothic nightlife in Perth Western Australia, about Perth, photos, jack russell terrier photos, web page backgrounds.{;}

Sue & Shanes Cyber Station
Lots of goodies in here to read about, totally Australian owned and operated.{;}Information on statistics, states, sports. people. nasty animals. aussie slang and phrases, links to convicts pages, lots ...

Clan McLean Connections
This site relates to McLean connections within Australia, Scotland and other areas. It contains genealogical data bases and has a page relating to Popular Family tree Programs

Sarah's Home Page
A site about myself and my family from Western Australia{;}

My Tangled Web
{;}Family Research

Aussie Rhonda's Genealogy
Genealogy site with Irish, Scottish and English origins. Includes Surnames, Lineages, Resources, Links and much more. Main surnames are Lucas, Pinkerton, Miller, Mundy, Melrose, Cummins, Craft & Frien ...

Driftwood Bears
Collector teddy bears by award-winning teddybear artist Jaccy Thomas of Driftwood Bears, from the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef - the Whitsundays. One of only two Australian bear artists featured with ...

Downunder Angel's Home
{;}Come on over and meet our Family from, we would love to have you stop by.

Angel of Oz
Good quality content on a large site.

Belinda's Australiana
{;}Everything you ever wanted to know about OZ ... well almost.{;}Facts, folklore, maps, animals, recipes, movies, books, music,{;}State infomation, tourist infomation, an a little about me too!.{;}

Janni's Page
About OZ, its people and places, Sydney, a place to park awhile, pour a cold one, relax and enjoy

The site with a difference{;}

Amanda's Castle
Full of original fantasy images which you can adopt for your own page! Plus games, awards, interactive stories and much more!

Aussie Betty Downunder
Come downunder and see this true blue aussie gal`s love of Australia. All About Me, The Aussie BBQ, Aussie Culture, My Opal Den,True Blue Aussie Graphics, Oz Beer, Maori Culture and lots more.{;}

All things Aussie and Doggy
Jendi, the "little bitch from Down Under" tells you about her family, friends and homeland. Special pages on the Olympics, aussie culture and humour. apply for one of Jendi's awards, or if you are cute ...

Daryl's Cocktail Page
A site with recipes for cocktails and mixed drinks. Also has recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails).{;}

Fontanakids Home Page
A site about Shauni, Kimberley and Harley from Western Australia.{;}

The virtual home of Wendy & Dave Laing, Downunder!Check out the links to our pets, Wendy's writing and Dave's Kitchen and Recipes.

Renroc's Corner
Surnames:Woods,Starr,Oakes,Hogan,Webb,Walters,Clark plus other. Mainly from Australi and England.

Tasmania - Australia's Island State
Visit Tasmania, Australia's Island state and take a look at some of it's unique animals, beautiful towns, links, recipes, etc.{;}