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A community for the fans of Disney's Atlantis: the Lost Empire!

The Atlanteans' Lair
A site that will grow and become considerably better, if given the time. :) Last Updated - July 8, 2001.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - community Homepage
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A great atlantis site with many pictures and information.

Chloe's Atlantis
A reletively new and small site created for fans of the new Disney movie, "Atlantis - The Lost Empire".{;}

The City of Atlantis
{;}An Atlantis: the Lost Empire fan site for explorers and the curious. See the sights of the ancient city!

Return to Atlantis
This is my Atlantis site, a work in progress. Currently, it has a fan fiction and will soon have fan art and other Altanits links. Please check it out!

Hearts In Atlantis: A Kidagakash and Milo Fansite
A little page with profiles, fan fiction, and a character of the month section. Small now but will continue to grow.{;}

Atlantis - The Lost Empire
A flash designed page, which will contain informations of the two atlantis movies, pictures of them and detailed informations about atlantean, marc okrands language - created for the movies. It also contain ...