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Bloggers located in and around the metro-Atlanta area. We are in the process of restructucommunity the site. Please check back soon! http://www.AtlantaBlogs.com

the musings of a snarky girl new to atlanta

music news, experiments in visual design, general ennui

Yard Sale Addict
The journal of a man who wanders each weekend from sale to sale in intown Atlanta neighborhoods never buying anything but trying to understand the lives of people by what they are getting rid of.

The Grayscale
Just a little bit of Textual Healing.{;}

JoKeR's Blog
Personal log with reflections on politics and whatever catches my fancy. Doraville MARTA station.

A Day In The Life Of.....

A Mind's Eye
nearly a daily account of gay life in atlanta

slightly bitter and mostly confused
all about me and other things of no importance...{;}

Lady Crumpet's Armoire
A digital commonplace book, explocommunity librariana, literature and the law, as well as sundries high and low.{;}

Plastic Flowers, Falling Trees
A girl, a laptop and a cigarette adapter.Written entirely in traffic somewhere on the Perimeter.

it began with a rubber band, three spools of "Army Drab" sewing thread, and two of those cups that look like bananas that come with your stay at a hospital... Ah but the journal; that's a different matter, ...

Dispatches of the Emergency Queer Reserve
Lack of fabulousness is no longer a crisis.

Thinking Out Loud
How this 40 something road warrior travels meeting people in airports, towns and other fun places.

Notes From Atlanta
Atlanta based stories, along with politics and sports I find interesting. {;}

Let's try this again...
The weblog of a Georgia Tech student (and metro Atlanta native) with too much free time on her hands. ;o)

Greetings From The Verge Of Daylight
Something less important than most things; I talk to hear the sound of my own voice. But at least I know how to spell.{;}

Mostly politics, GA, US and World. {;}

De Stijl
Just your average blog -- essays, haiku about inappropriate topics, random acts of humor, etc.

Trader Mike
Stock market commentary, trading ideas, technology talk, etc.

All Kinds of Everything
Just a normal girl living in Midtown. Recently married. Not working as hard as she should be. {;}

Coffee Achiever
The caffeinated ramblings of a coffee achiever [brewed fresh daily]

Dictated But Not Read
Musings from the Miracle Girl{;}

Each Day....

Ko Defendant
When there's nothing else to do but read about all the stuff that doesn't count.

CheZPinK InK
oh... ran·dom (rndm) adj. Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: random movements. Who knew? souhaitez-vous que vous ayez été mon unicorn ?{;}