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This is the Community Home for everything Astrology in Life,{;}Love and Learning.{;}A very diverse group about anything related to Astrology, Numerology, Astrological Colours, Charts and Planetary configurations. The Chinese Zodiac. A little Celtic Astrology too.

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Astrology in Numerology. The ruler, gem, metal, flower and elements of each. The Astrology Wheel is to determine exactly where the planets were when you were born. Famous people who have your sign. How ...

AstroLove WebGroup's
Astro Love is about everything Astrology. Fun, facts, games, trivia, quizes, TesT and even a few quote pages of famous and not to famous Astrologers. There are so many others too. Astro Love is designed ...

MoonCat's Astrology & Tarot
An informative and uplifting site dedicated to a positive vision of Astrology - Weekly Forecast for Love, MoonSign Calendar, Articles, Links, Readings by Danielle, Books, Resources, Spiritual Journeys, ...

Mysteries of Trox
Journey into the wonders and mysteries of ancient Troy and ancient Cherokee thru the eyes of a Troas Cherokee family.

The Pisces Realm
Welcome to the Pisces Realm, an eclectic mix of poetry art and metaphysical topics. Site includes original poetry, writings on runes and and esoteric astrology; a Wheel of Runes, Group Dynamics Reports ...

Book Review Column by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
This monthly column discusses sf/f, mystery, occult novels and TV shows in terms of what the student searching for mystical enlightenment might learn from them using the language of Tarot and Astrology. ...