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this site contains information on all things astrological with an australian flavour

Astrology Music
Free musical compositions for each astrological{;}sign are posted weekly along with a number of celebrity musical horoscopes.{;}There are links to sites for explocommunity the esoteric aspects of music,{;}astrology, ...

Astro Awareness
spritiual astrology, giving daily transits, phases of the moon (updated with the changing moon), monthly and yearly horoscopes by Val Georgiou.{;}{;}Also cover dreams, crystals, signs and symbols

Astral Union
Are you looking for a soul-mate? Maybe what you really want is a Solar-Mate. This site has over 400 timed colorful celebrity charts.

Out of the Earth
Out of the Earth is dedicated to providing safe, natural alternatives to assist with the healing of body, mind and spirit of pets and their people. We specialize in aromatherapy, flower essences, natural ...

Basic Astrology Lessons
Basic Astrology Lessons offers informative lessons for a solid foundation in understanding the art of Astrology.

Astrological Roadmaps and Signs of Intelligence
Comprehensive and friendly astrology site offecommunity information, a daily forecast, message board for discussion, chat, and services.

LadyMoon's Readings
We do everything from birth charts to Name Analysis'. These readings are personal and confidential. Please come in, sit down and enjoy your visit.

The Know It All Astrologer
a place to discuss, celebrate and learn about astrology

Astrobar Romania
Romanian Astrology Project Astrobar

The Astrology Page Blog
A fine astrology blog with the latest news on political, planetary events, and celebrities, with frequent updates, daily planet forecasts, horoscopes, Moon magic with Moon phases. Insightful articles to ...

Celtic Astrology
This is a page listing the tree signs of Helena Paterson and a listing of the positions of the 12 fixed stars.

Omnicycles - Astrology Graph Software
Astrology software. Personalized predictive graphs show the \"ups and downs\" of your future in many areas - discover the best times for love, work, finances, travel, major life changes, contacting people, ...

AstroBoot Horoscopen
astrologie en horoscopen toegepast in het dagelijks leven; van geboortehoroscoop tot relatie- en beroepshoroscoop, kritische invalshoek, veel artikelen en online boeken inclusief de gescheidenis van de ...

Collaborating With Fate
A plethora of articles looking at planetary cycles, cosmic trends and esoteric wisdom.

Johnny Sams, Certified Astrologer
Offers information about Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. In addition, offers detailed, insightful Astrology readings, as well as a variety of other services including Compatibility Analysis, Tarot, ...

PsychicFusion is a newsletter and horoscope site. Madonna Merced, Psychic Medium and Author writes for the site as well as members who submit aritcles.

StarWatch Astrological Services
Interactive astrology site with free content such as sunsign horoscope, biorhythm, numerology, and informative articles.

Moon Sign Calendar interactive
Interactive moon sign calendar with extended search capabilities: timing with the moon, background information and moon sign calculation, lose weight with the moon's help and more

Astrology Talk
Blog covecommunity astrological topics. Easy enough for beginners, yet interesting enough for experts.

Zodiac Clique
It\'s the Clique that identifies your Zodiac Sign. We\'d like to find out how many members have the same Zodiac Sign the most. So, it\'s a fun little contest as well. You can join for a couple reasons. ...

Uranias 9th House
At Uranias 9th House, the personal is linked to the political to create fuller understanding of the astrological trends of the time.

Website is a cosmic onespace ;) It joyfully explores and connects the spheres of astrology, reiki and yoga with the purpose of cultivating a deeper experience of divinity!!

Astrolandia, leyendo las estrellas...
Learn astrology, horoscopes, medical astrology, free Tarots-Oracles-Yiking, and much more. Spanish-English-French.

Astrologia Medieval
Paulo Alexandre Silva Website português sobre Astrologia Tradicional. O propósito deste site é dar a conhecer a arte da Astrologia Tradicional/Medieval em Portugal. Contém algumas ferramentas de ajuda ...

Eternal Sky
Here's where I talk about astrology; This site will focus on topics like Solar Arc, The Midpoint theory,and other astro- related lessons. Questions are encouraged.

Financial Astrology Applied in the Equity, Gold, Oil and Currency Markets

Astrognosia, knowledge of the stars, combines modern descriptive astronomy with the ancient interpretive wisdom of astrology

Blue Lotus Living
A Spiritual Development community for those who want to co-create life on the path of enlightenment. Learn more about cosmology, metaphysics, the raw food diet, and your oracle within.

Astrology And More Blog
Astrology, Psychic, Spiritual Laws, & Dreams A metaphysical blog to answer questions on astrology, predictions, psychic experiences, psychics, metaphysics, relocation astrology, fixed stars, constellation, ...

Astrology Column
Astrology And More - Horoscopes This is a monthly horoscope column based on lunation (or moon) astrology. The moon has the greatest effect on people, so when we attempt to give you a little forewarning ...

astrology and tarot lovers

Love Match Astrology
Love Match Astrology For Fixing Muhurthas, Lucky Time To Start Business, Auspicious Time For Weddings, And Gruhapravesam, Or House Warming & For Accurate Predictions. Love Match Astrology uses Modern ...