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a community for tori amos sites to talk about why they suck. poke a little fun at your tori site!

Amber's Aquarium
{;}isn't is obvious? take a look at my homepage. yikes.

too many brambles
Just to let you know how much my Tori site sucks, it has taken me {;}about 3 hours to figure out how this little "trusting my soul" window{;}works. And I'm still not sure I've got it all. I have no ability ...

An Ether Twist
{;}For one thing I'm still making them on Angelfire...hahaha. I don't know any good HTML so for that alone my site blows and no one has sent me their Tori inspired stuff so how can I make this about ...

Fairy Tales
Fairy tales has been around a long time. Now it has forums, many pictures, all lyrics, articles, and much more.

The Amazing Echo Plex Shrine
Yup. All the content is the same kinda crap on every other website. I just redid the layout and I'm still not quite happy with it. The navigation sucks. My programmer boyfriend says the html scares the ...