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Surf community for blogs created by expatriates living in Asia Pacific and Southest Asia regions

Expat's Blog
expat in thailand blog

Pulled In Many Directions

Party of One
A 20-something woman trying to make her way, currently teaching kindergarten English in China. All about the ups and downs of life abroad.

James Hart in Japan
News and photos from James, Miyako and Kai Hart (currently living in Tokyo, Japan), with other random posts on Japan, IT, sports, music and more.

Ricky Tom from Hawaii writes about his life in Yokohama, Japan. Read about his thoughts on life, love, and looking for happiness in a foreign country.

Webbed Feet, Webbed Log
Art and life, art of life in Cambodia

Hometown: Yeouido
Chronicles from a guy who lived in Yeouido for 2 years and worked in the finance/investment banking area.

Present Simple
I'm from NZ, and now live in Japan, teaching English to reluctant university students.

on Life and Times in Taiwan
A Canadian living and teaching English in Taiwan. Photoblog, as well as a journal

Wide Island
American resident of Hiroshima shares his very special message of love with the world.

Just random pieces of prose, short stories of lives lived, unlived and dreamed of.

Daily life in Tokyo

Zen and the Art of Casual Acquaintance
Brief encounters, deep meditations. More than you should ever hope for from such a flippant title.

The Horse's Mouth
A blog dedicated to the discussion of all things relating to China, Asia and the US as well as a few personal musings.

Andrew's travelogue
Snapshots from various places i've visited, currently Singapore, West Malaysia and China( Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guilin, Beijing, ...)

tonari no shibafu

Worldtour In China
The blog about living and working in China. Follow worldtour aka Larry Rhoe on his teaching journey in China. Find out what it is like teaching in China and gain insights into culture, daily life and ...

Random musings from Tokyo

what's the haps?
A running account of the various happenings in our lives. We are a couple from California currently living and working in Singapore.

Amanda Takes Off...and Takes on Korea
An American educator moves to Korea, presumably to teach English. Instead she discovers that learning Korean one tae kwon do class at a time is a more captivating activity.

From the Heart of Tokyo 東京の中心から
I write in English and some Japanese on this blog about learning the Japanese language, in-line skating, and whatever is going on in my life here in Tokyo.

Milly's mix
An expat's favourite places to go and things to see in Singapore.

Don in Beijing
Another \"My Exciting Life in Asia\" effort, from a single American male. My mother tells me it\'s very good.

Edmonton Real Estate Investor Abroad
Focused on the economic power house region of Alberta, Canada, we use an incredible team of lawyers, realtors and property managers to purchase revenue real estate. From our dual offices in Japan and Edmonton, ...

Sometimes, Jonny's here
Confused Kiwi/Malaysian Jonny tries to express his random thoughts onto a blog in hope of searching for answers.