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Tips for the identification of symptoms of depression


Depression is normally explained as “mental illness” and some of its symptoms are very common and known to you. The symptoms caused by depression are not a matter of much botheration but if left untreated, it may lead to severe problems. In some cases, the recovery of the patients becomes very difficult. In addition, clinical depression often causes physical symptoms as well.


However, this article will help you to recognize the early symptoms of depression so that you can get cured easily. The important symptoms are:


  • Depressed feelings – This is the most common problem of depression. People do not take interest in any work, they get irritated on petty issues, they do not want to participate in any sort of party-function, and they prefer to spend a reclusive life.
  • Facing headaches and other body pains: The depression further leads to headaches (if not treated, it further leads to migraine), muscle aches, joint pain, back pain, and even chest pain. These are the physical problems exclusively caused by untreated depression.
  • Change in weight: About 5% change in weight (either gain or loss) may also be an indication of depression.
  • Sleeping disturbances: The people who are suffering from depression have also reported sleeping problems; they get up early, do not get to sleep at all, or sleep for long hours.
  • Psychological agitation or retardation: The depressed people may also report about their changed behavior like agitation and restlessness.
  • Feeling of unimportance or guiltiness: These people may develop a feeling that they have no worth of living or may start feeling guilty because they have no control over themselves.
  • Fatigue: Caused by loss of appetite; hence, people feel tired and are unable to perform any physical work.
  • Feeling of suicide: Possible! Suicidal attempt is very common among depressed people.

Moreover, the major problem with depressed people is – they never get to recognize these symptoms as a result of depression; hence, they do not take proper measures for the treatment of depression. But timely recognition is imperative for complete cure of depression.


If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned problems for one or two weeks continuously, consult your physician to get cured at the initial phase of depression. 

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