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Feminists like Susan B. Anthony saw abortion as a symptom of, not a solution to, women's oppression. We continue her legacy of protecting women and their rights even while they are still temporarily residing in their mothers' wombs. This community's open to any pro-lifer who views the issue in a woman-positive and peaceful way. Because abortion is a human rights violation, not a political or religious opinion, the community is open to all faiths and political leanings.

Seghea - Pro Life Feminism
Site of the cofounder of Feminists for Life, the information here includes historical documents from FFL and extensive information about all aspects of abortion, also some information on euthanasia and ...

Tanya Zanetti's One Stop Pro-Life Shop
Information and thoughts on pro-life issues.

Musings of a Pro-Life Catholic Nutjob
Hilarity ensues when a Star Wars-loving, Chesterton-reading, Beatles-obsessed, Pro-Life, Catholic NYU Student takes advantage of free web space.

My Life in Reflection
My blog contains essays and thoughts on the abortion issue from a feminist, scientific, ethical, and limited spiritual point of view, as well as essays and entries on various other topics and issues of ...