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This is a community for all ApologetiX fans. If you've got a website, and are a fan of ApologetiX, and have at least one page on your site about ApologetiX, this is the community for you.

ApologetiX Ultimate Sortable Song Listing
Get a listing of all released ApologetiX songs sorted in a variety of ways. You can sort songs in a Biblical format and access the Bible reference for each song. You can also get the sung lyrics for ...

I'm working on it and there's not much up yet...it's got stuff on Apologetix, Steven curtis chapman and other christian groups. then other stuff bout my friends etc

Oldiesmann's ApologetiX Site
A huge ApologetiX fan site, and home of this community. The site has everything you could ever want - a messageboard, chatroom, guestbook, shoutbox, and even a place where fans can submit suggestions for ...

Webster Parodeities Page
Reviews of CDs by Christian Artists who do "Parodeities" (Christian Parodies of Secular Tunes) as well as over 100 parodeities by Jeff James, Michael Fischer, Randall Hyde and other Webster visitors. ...

ApologetiX Rules!
My fan page for the greatest band(in my opinon) ApologetiX. Here you'll find mp3's,pics,a weekly poll, and more!!!!

ApologetiX rules
Site for ApologetiX, bio, pics,links