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Knitting Piglets
Laura likes to knit. She also likes pigs. She does not, however, actually knit pigs. Yet.

Chronicles of a crafting girl
My blog is mostly about my crafting and a little about my life. I sew, quilt, embroider, knit and just about anything crafty you can imagine!

Prioritizing the Paranoias
Fiber arts, educational policy, academic adminstration, and a more or less random peppecommunity of social service.

Nearjah's Ink
This is where I share my photos, talk about the latest books I have read, and anything else that comes to mind.

thoughts from life along the riverrim, including spinning, weaving, knitting, gardening, rabbit, chickens and whatever wildlife wanders by.

Knit And Pray
Catholic mom to three preemie boys talks about knitting, crochet, cross stitch, crafts, creative ventures and Catholic faith

The cliff note version of the insanity that's BKA my life. Knitting and all.

spinning my life away
spinning, knitting, baskets, sometimes cows ;-)

Jennifer's Blog
My knitting, sewing, and photography projects

Silken threads
A blog mainly about knitting and stitching by a Finnish 20-something.

Stumbling Over Chaos

knitting blogg

Mommy Mosh Pit
The musings, music, knitting, gardening and blogging of a Mommy from the Moshpit!

Angie Carlson's Weblog

Memoirs of a Yarnaholic
My adventures in yarn. In chaos there is color!!

Naptime Musings

A View of Sierra County
A knitting site that also features mountain photography, live with burros and, on occasion, small town politics.

Crafting Jen
The new, all-inclusive crafts blog of Jenny "Folkcat" Kubeck. Formerly located at I Knit Around, the new blog Crafting Jen takes the place of the other, but continues in the same spirit of approaching ...

So here's how you knit when living with a talking dog, pushy rabbit, loving husband, and a nutty two year old

Knitting, dogs, books (still waiting to be added!) etc.

Another Day at Bay Colony Farm
Come visit us while we care for our beautiful German Angora rabbits, knit, spin and talk about every day life here on our small farm.

Pixie Sticks
Two weimaraners in cahoots with the yarn gnomes.

I'm busy knitting

I Heart Yarn
Explore through my many adventures to yarn divahood!

Knit and Run
Knitting and how to do more of it

In And Out of The Stash
musings on life and crafts