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Random musings about knitting, school and life.

One lawyer's knitting adventures


Jersey Knitter
Greetings! from Jersey Knitter, a blog devoted to knitting roundabout Exit 151.

Needles and Wool

Patti's Purling Place
My venting place where I track my knitting progress, and untangle the daily stress of my life.

little bit of this and that, but mostly knitting and food!

Catena Expressions
spinning crocheting rockhounding on the Colorado prairie

The creative side of a midwestern gal living in CALIFORNIA

Where the worlds of knitting and Harry Potter collide

Knitblog of a crafty mom who also writes and quilts ~

Ooo Baby Knits


Missouri Star
A blog about knitting and life as a grandmother.

Elizzabetty Knits
Some ramblings about life and knitting, although not necessarily in that order...

Nutmeg knitter
Knitting in a nutshell

Knotty Mouse
Knitting & spinning blog from an Atlanta Georgia pierced and tattooed stay at home mom.

Frog Monkey
frogging and knitting and monkeys and more.

Knitting, spinning, participating in the blogosphere

Knit One Quilt Too
Knitting and quilting adventures of one busy mom in Oregon.

Zeneedle....needleart as life
Knitting and living in Utah.

Pieceful Creations
Ladydove's Knitting Adventures on Needles and Pegs.

Kit Knits
This is Kit's Knitting Journal. She knits to keep from going mad, getting bored, and losing perspective. She claims that it may be a dull journal, but she hopes that it might have a few gems.

Not An Artist
Blogging about my knitting and posting too many photos!

Stephanie's Crafting Obsession
Stephanie's crafty ramblings.

Sandy's Knitting

blogging about things I, and my friends, have made

Bronx Girl Knits
A blog where I talk about my knitting and anything else on my mind.

Greenberry House Days and Dreams
Random thoughts and happenings here on the farm in in the mountains of Virginia as I tend to gorgeous German Angora rabbits, sell antiques and books, and try to find time to sit and spin.

Cathy's Crafty Blog
a peek into the life of a crafter

Knits With Cats
Knitting, books, cats and whatever else happens in life!

Mommio Knits!
Knitting, art, creativity, and being a mom.

A Stitch in Time-Knitting Without Needles
My adventures in knitting with knitting looms and knitting needles

pink knits
A blog about my knitting & family.

It IS Rocket Science!

This is a new blog that will be dedicated to yarn (knitting and crochet), crafts, food, fashion an entertainment - all important elements of my life!

knitting Alpacas
A place to talk about all things fibery, especially alpaca fiber.


Knit 'n Lit
Too many knitting projects and not enough books.

Sheep Rustling
Knitting and other textile arts blog


Things That Go Bump in My Mind
A working mom blogs about knitting, stitching, cooking, gardening, etc., and how she has no time for any of it.

J Strizzy

just muttecommunity by myself

Purls Before Swine
Circular thoughts on straight knitting.

Marriage, Pets, Kids, House .... and Knitting. Lots of Knitting.

Knitting the Blues

Knitters are funny; they keep you in stitches.

Ave Trivia Imperatrix!
A personal journal of yarn, sports, cats, and other things that are important to me.

my world of children, spinning, crochet, and knit!