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This community offers informationa and support for those carrying to term a baby with an

Susanna's pages
This site is dedicated to the memory of our daughter, Susanna, who was born with Trisomy 18.

Anouk's memorial
A memorial to my daughter Anouk, who died 13 hours after birth due to the birth defect anencephaly. Anouk was carried to term.

Galatians 5
A site of hope and compassion in the name of Jesus for every parent grieving the separation of their child whether by death or any other circumstance.

Bryan's Kidney Page
The story of my son's journey from the prognosis of death before birth, through kidney failure, dialysis and finally a kidney transplant as well as his stuggles with autism.

Our Beautiful Flower
I created this site in loving memory of our daughter Katarina Jean-Marie. It isn't another day without her, {;}but another day closer to being with her again.

In Memory of my Angel, Gabriela Lael
This site is dedicated to my first born child Gabriela Lael who died shortly after birth of Potter's Syndrome on October 8, 1999. Her footprints in my stomach left an imprint on my heart forever.

Treasured Memories of Georgia Ellen Cotterill
A site dedicated to our daughter, Georgia Ellen Cotterill, who became an Angel after 7 days due to Hydrops Fetalis.{;}{;}**** We are already members but have had some problems with our website and need ...

Pass Pages
Our main site started as a tribute to our precious daughter Louise who had a condition known as Trisomy 18. We have many sites a few dedicated to Louise and some about us. Come and meet our family : ...

The Adventures of EthanMan
We offer this site in honor of our son, Ethan, who was born with Trisomy 13 and only stayed with us for seven weeks. The site contains information on Ethan's specific features & symptoms, the seven week ...