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A community for anything and everything about Aoshi and Misao, Ruruoni Kenshin's most interesting and loved couple.

Sword Serenity's Rurouni Kenshin Shrine
We got a whole pile of stuff including info on the characters a huge image gallery containing no rif-raf and volume summaries. Check out the stuff to see the other stuff we have as it's too long to write ...

Catriana's Fanfiction Webpage
This is a slowly growing Fanfiction webpage that I hope to get going strong. I LOVE Aoshi and Misao and I hope that this will get me more submissions for fanfiction and fanart towards them ^_^

Misao's Temple
It is a shrine for my favorite anime character, Makimachi Misao from the anime/manga Rurouni Kenshin, where you can find information about her, pics,downloads and more.

Anime Craziness 02
`It's a mix of anime, but the Rurouni Kenshin gallery has got mostly Aoshi and Misao pics in it!