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Angel of My Heart is a community for those who have lost a child or loved one and who consider their loved one to be an angel of their heart. The only requirement for joining this community is to love someone who is an angel of heaven and to be proud of that person and the life you shared with them. Time is of no essense, because in your heart they will always be.{;}If your site is in the queue for 30 days...it will be deleted.

The Flower Gauden
My site offers many different things, My Poetry, Adoptions, Awards, Linkware, Snowglobes, calling cards, ect{;}{;}But most important is mt ~*In Memory*~ Page dedicated to my dad that I lost in May of 2003, ...

Sugie's World
Moms memorial pages , and more.

Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial
An online memorial dedicated to children who have passed away from childhood disease. Site include memorial of stars, candle dedication, weekly newsletter, grief poetry, ways to help the fight, cancer/leukemia ...

Welcome To My Page
Visit Alberta, Canada, my family and their History as New Canadians, Lots of great Poetry and short stories, lyrics, Memorials to my Angels, Dedications, Special Links, win Award, Awards I have received, ...

So many pages filled with family, friends, daycare, angels, teddybears and music and about lost & stolen children, 4 the Children, and Cancer....survivial of Domestic Violence and Abuse, and Cancer.. ...

Jacks Memory Page
A Memory Page For My Son and Links to more Angel Sites

To Mother with Love: Healing for Pregnancy Loss
A page dedicated to the memory of my four angel babies, with tips to aid in emotional recovery following the loss{;}of a little one.

A Love Eternal
A memorial site dedicated to my beloved husband and a celebration of our love eternal.

Kuntry Sue's Kottage
A site about my love of God, family and just some cute family oriented pages. I offer adoptions. Stop by and see my quilts. Several awards are available. Come for a visit.

Angela's Spiritual Journal
My Site Is My Spiritual Walk And My Journal to my Spiritual walk.{;}Come meet my angels and read my Writings.

─nglavakten The Angelwatcher
About the angels of the world.

Sugarbear's Homepage
family orinated child safe

In Loving Memory Of Brandon Monrose
Memorial website in honor of our son. Brandon Monrose- Rousseau who tragically took his own life at the age of 11. He lives on forever in our hearts

Remembecommunity Justin
This site is a dedication to my son Justin who died of leukemia at the age of 20 months.

On Angel's Wings, Abigail Chrystal Kuzel
These pages are for our forever one hour old daughter, Abigail Chrystal Kuzel, so was taken out of this world so abrubtly. She passed away as a result of potters syndrome(which is the failure to develop ...

Tammi's Homepage
I have a page set up for my brother whom we lost October 20,2001. He is deeply missed. Also on my site you will find out about a troubled past and a happy future.

MCAD Angel
Dedicated to our MCAD Angel Alexis in hopes of raising awareness of MCAD deficiency and the importance of early detection.

Dawn's Cystic Fibrosis Story
Dawn's Cystic Fibrosis Story is a personal and medical summary of living with Cystic Fibrosis. A Memorial page to my daughter Dawn. From here you can go to my Homepage to view my other pages.

Jolande's Hall of friendship
This is a site with poetry about family, friendship and love

In Memory of Little Harry
This is the story of our son, Harry George Cresser, who will always be loved and kept close to our hearts forever.

My Special Angel Melissa
These pages are dedicated to my "Special Angel" Melissa, my daughter.{;}On these pages there are links on these pages to information on SIDS and infant loss, pictures and poetry.

Close to the Heart
A collection of poems and sayings that were sent to me at the time of my daughters death in 1998. Hope they will touch your heart as they did mine

In Loving Memory of Tammy Wall
My site contains a little about how I felt after my best friend committed suicide, as well as poems that I wrote after her death, pictures of her ducommunity happier times, as well as suicide warning signs, ...

Kassandra Carroll
Memorial site for my daughter lost to the act of suicide

Our Angel Jamie
A memorial for our daughter, Jamie Lynn Hartfield, who returned to Heaven unexpectedly at the age of 20. This site celebrates her life using, photographs, poetry and music. Jamie would be flattered if ...