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This community is for those sites having to do with rpg, or roleplaying. Visit the community homepage for more details.

AOL community Site
It's the community main site! Come here to see all the details about the site!

Dream Wolves Unofficial Webpage!
The Unofficial webpage of the Dream Wolves. Pack Alphas Snow and her pack sister REDS help keep everything together. Come join in on the crazy fun!

Purgatory - A RPG
Welcome to Purgatory RPG, you play in Purgatory, a town housing what is left of humanity as they struggle to survive in a world where they are outnumbered by the supernatural creatures who have taken ...

Hogwarts In Shards
A chat and forum-based roleplay based in J.K. Rowling's magical school, Hogwarts. Three years after the war, the survivors struggle on, trying to pick up the shattered remains of their lives.

Suikoden RPG
Suikoden RPG is a role-play site that takes place approximately 200 years after the events of Suikoden 1. The current plot involves Asgard Blight, a self-proclaimed descendant of Luca Blight, whom has ...