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Stemming from The Temple of the Elder Gods comes the Anubis Web Realm Community. This Community is for sites dedicated to the Sacredness, the Spirituality of The Elders, The Egyptian Pantheon and the Gods of the Shamans. All Pagan sites will be considered as long as they have some content geared towards the theme of ancient Paganism. After submitting your site, it will be voted on by the Anubis Panel as to whether or not it will become part of the Community. This does not take long so don't fret. If this Community came up in your search, it is most likely your site will get accepted. Although we are for free speech, hate sites will probably be disregarded. Pornography and bad language is frowned upon so you shouldn't even try it. To get a feel of this community please visit some of our sites and check out their content.

Anubis Web Realm community
This is the homepage of the Anubis Web Realm Community. Here you will find joining instructions and the form for signing up. Check out our sites for some really interesting stuff on Ancient religion ...

This site is dedicated to Anubis and is for people who are interested in ancient egyptian mythology.