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A Community that believes the U.N. has done nothing good for the world, and has slowy begun to try and take away the sovereignty of America.

Homestead Products
Best prices on grain mills, water filters, kerosene lamps, lanterns, stoves, shortwave radios, & other products for simple living, preparedness, & outdoors. Country Living Grain Mill, Aladdin Lamps, Freeplay ...


Little Known Facts about the DE Constitution: Article X
To tell the truth about the law in Delaware, how it has been violated, how to "legally" homeschool in Delaware, and a little history into the current laws regarding non-public schools.{;}

Patriotic Pride
I started Patriotic Pride to do my part in getting the Government back to the people where it belongs. It isn't our job to police the world, unless it is in the best interest of the people. We need our ...

The Right-Winger
News and political humor with a conservative edge that takes a sarcastic look at liberalism.

The Famous Jim Gibb World Wide Web Page.
My site is where I express my opinion, which more often than not reflect the thoughts and views of the silent majority. Check it out to see if you agree!{;}

Know Your Enemy
Know your enemy. The United Nations is the enemy of Americans in general. It is the enemy of Jews because of its favoritism of Yassir Arafat. It is the enemy of Christians as well. It turns a blind eye ...

United States or United Nations
Mostly a political site. It covers constitutional issues, bill of rights issues, pow/mia issues, second amendment issues. Also, It has pages on september 11, 2001, music wavs, downloads, art, news, et ...