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A conservative community designed to fight the destructive lies of the left with fact, logic, common sense and history. Mostly all issues are covered and many informational links as well. Power is knowledge. And knowledge is freedom. We must do all we can to counter the liberal lies in order to preserve our freedom.

a radical-conservative anti-abortion pro-second amendment pro-death-penalty site

A Republican News Source and Forum
This site is a great news forum. With over 400 conservative links, photo galleries, polls, and soundbites...fun conservative stuff...

The Patriot
My site contains politcal commentary written for a paper in Northern California as well as historical document, political satire, and links to other political sites.

Patriot's Place Gate
Supports conservative government policies and goals, particularly regarding Military, Retired Military and Veterans issues, and is dedicated to exposing the deleterious nature of liberalism in American ...

Jeff's World of Conserative Thought
Jeff rants on all things liberal, leftist, socialist, politcally correct, environmentally corret, and all else that is unholy. Presented with a lot of passion and humor thrown in.

Conservatively Speaking Top 50
We've just begun.... Each and every member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is invited to come check us out and join ASAP.....