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This is a community for anyone who hates George W. Bush, Commander in Thief. All anti-Dubya sites are welcome. The only requirement is that your site must proclaim your hatred of Dubya.

Dumbya the Dictator
A site attacking the speech blunders, character, policies, and [s]election of George "Dumbya" Bush.

Almost daily phototoons, animations and whatever it takes to pruning the Bushes, from Dubya to Jeb and all their friends

Sarya's bush totally sux page
A site of protest from a mother, a voter and a concerned citizen, who is appalled at the fool in office .

DC Protests
I-Day in Washington, DC. Horray for the protests!

Home of the ANTI-DUBYA Community!
The home of the Anti-Dubya community!

Your Complete Online Source for BBBR/Coup2K Resistance, Humor, News and Commentary.{;}

Random ramblings

Philosopher's Stone
Political and Philosophical analysis/criticism, with a minimum of personal discussion

Linda Finkle
anti-war anti-Bush song with some interesting sound bites

Drew B Designs
Protest in style with these cool, thought-provoking shirts. Anti- Bush shirts, Anti-Patriot Act Shirts, Environmental Designs and more!

Bush Sucks!
Just a cool site depicting the suckiness of Bush!

Impeach BushCo
Bush is a liar, a criminal, and just an all around moron. He deserves to be impeached, and my page illustrates why. Funny Bush pictures, as well as the awful truths behind BushCo and some of the lies he ...

Push Bush!
This site is a sarcastic, funny and informative protest against our Commander and Thief, George W. Bush.

J's Political Thoughts
Anti-Bush. Calling as I see it.

blog alice
a mix of commentary on current events and republican blunders, with a splash of reality every now and then

Election 2008 Government Watch
Hello, my name is Dave Klein. I, along with other Americans, are truly concerned about the rapid demise of our economic, environmental, and constitutional well being by this Neo-Con coorpertate facist ...

Digressions of a Mad Lesbian
The Raving Gushes of a Confirmed Closet Political Activist

Left-wing commentary on politics, culture, the environment and global affairs.

Bush Enron Haliburton
We are dedicated to the truth.