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A community for fans of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series of novels.

Zombiequeen's Anita Blake Website
Everything there is to know about the Anita Blake books. Characters, quotes and so on. Also get your special Anitaish e-mail, and award. Plus visit LL'S messageboard, and say hi to the addicts!

Full Dark
It was called Full Dark Beauty Salon. The windows were blacked out, outlined in bloodred neon. You could get your hair and nails done by a vampire, if you wanted to. -- page 11, The Laughing Corpse, Laurell ...

Anita Blake Sites
The goal of this site is to list and review all Anita Blake related sites. Submit a site, rate a site, or just look at the Anita related sites listed so far.

My main site that houses all the miss. stuff that dosn't go on my other sites & a gateway to my BtVS site, my BtVS/AtS quiz site, and my poetry site.