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The community is to emphasize the fact that we are all animal guardians, NOT animal owners. Companion animals are living, breathing, sentient beings, and they should be treated with the same love and respect that we give to fellow humans.

Lady Epona's Forest
My forest. My words on why animals are so important in this world. Spells and magic too!{;}

ole Smokyboy
1 of our many strays learning to relax.........

Wonderful World of Animals
Here you will find stories of how my cat and dog were adopted, pet causes we believe in,{;}photos, links, awards to win and much more! {;}

Country Cool
Enter my world of peace and tranquility, dedicated to saving Mother Earth and protecting all her creatures.{;}Includes Animal Rights, Brother Wolf, Spirit Totems, Poetry, Mother Theresa, CNA, Holiday pages ...

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
{;}About my four furred children plus stories, poems, photos, graphics, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and more.

Stop Abuse - Animals Need Love Too!
Abuse to animals is a horrible crime that ultimately touches us all - both as a society and as individuals. If mankind is to improve, we must all take our role of guardian of the animals seriously.

ALL FOR ANIMALS is a Santa Barbara, California based pro-animal organization dedicated to educating people about cruelty-free living and the well-being of all animals.{;}

The Second Genocide
{;}This is a site to fight the dog race lists of Germany with links to the U.S. and German national legislators. The intent is to stop the race lists from spreading in Europe and save the animals in the ...

the faery realm
{;}my homepage with stuff about me and my life, but also about things that i find important, goth stuff and faerie stuff

Animals In Need Of Help
This website has a mailing list for animal rights issues, animal articles, animal facts, links to petitions, links to animal rights organizations, and much much more!

Sue's Furry Family
My site is about my animals, about petloss, about animal shelters and animal rescue.

Godfrey's Cockatiel Family & Friends Its all about Cacommunity & Shacommunity
Visit our Cacommunity and Shacommunity world and find out about the exciting life we share together, the love; devotion, the good times and close companionship my little delightful companions share with ...

Entaeyen Dreams
My personal site with graphics, stuff I've adopted, my school pages, totem animals and much more

I made this website to raise the issue of animal cruelty!{;}

The True Story of the Miracle of LittleBits
This site tells the true story of how a tiny kitten was healed by the power of prayer, a true miracle.{;}

Oz and Voodoo's Playground
Oz and Voodoo's Playground is dedicated to the welfare of cats and other animals in Canada and around the world. We support shelter adoption, spay/neuter and are anti-declaw. Our site offers cat-related ...

Two Tuxedo Cats
Our site is about Mimi, Muffin, & Molly the tuxedo cats. We have our own club for naughty kitties & communitys to join. Come and visit us! {;}

Brat's Treasure
Animal education, abuse issues, pet care, environmental issues as{;}well as other miscellaneous issues. Where animals are natures jewels.{;}

Belgian Lover's Palace
{;}Visit my dogs at Belgian Luver's Place. Also join our communitys, sign our guestbook, win our awards, and more. Also visit Spencer the Terverun, Haven the Dalmatian, and Rocky the rescue Greyhound. ...

Compassionate Action Institute
To promote humane education in order to increase awareness and to encourage compassionate action in order to relieve animal suffecommunity.{;} Neuter and spay your pets, do not "buy" pets - adopt, eat ...

The Beer Bytch's Bar
Texas Music, Texas, Texas humor, cowboys, Cowgirls, Irish history, Irish Humor, OKOM

Cats In Company
{;}Cats In Company: A Feline Organization That Supports Animal Causes

The BratCats
A comprehensive site for and about cats and home of The Top 50 Feline Sites List, The Bratcats Community, The Community Of Geocities Cats, The Bridge Babies Memorial Community, The Save Innocent Lives--Spay ...

TexasPepper's Home Page
Family rated personal website with stories and pix of my 22 cats, both present and deeply missed, my kids, Texas, vegetarian recipes, causes, memorials, and Communitys.

{;}Meet the furbabies in stories and pics. We strongly promote animal rights, spay/neuter and adopting strays. Visit our special Rainbow Bridge section and the memorials to our own furangels. Apply for ...