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Do you have a web site that helps tell people how to take care of a animal?{;}Does it have good information on what they need to eat? What heat (if reptile type of animal) types it needs? {;}Do you want more people coming to your site to find out this information?{;}If you answered yes to these above questions, then this is the community for you!

Dakota, gatto del Maine
Chi sono i MaineCoon ma anche etologia e morfologia felina, aforismi e umorismo sui gatti ed il pensiero degli Indiani d'America. Bacheca per gli appelli. Links animalisti, gattofili e non. Cartoline ...

Animal Care
{;}Please join this community if you have a site on how to take care of a animal

Muscovy Ducks
This site has all of the information you need to help ducks.

This page has information about all of my many pets! You will find photos and even a few guides here on live foods for some of the critters. Welcome to my zoo. ;)

Corey's Animal Welfare Website
Here I discuss Animal Welfare. How it effects our lives. Many links are added to helpful websites about Vegetarianism, Animal Rights & Animal Welfare, Animal and Earth Friendly products, (which I DO NOT ...