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Angel Unaware exists to bcommunity together{;}the creative, original, and unique of the web that believe: One voice CAN change things. Yes- we all have power.

Wa Wa Watermelon!
It's doesn't have anything on it yet but I plan to put links, cliques, buddy icons, etc.

Trapped In Shards
The site is for a Sailor Moon/ Gundum Wing crossover RPG.

Totaly Angel community
New site with angels and a womens internets group

Megan's World- The Life of A Teenager
This site is my personal website. It has my diary, poems I've written, and a message board thing that talks about anything.

Studio Hakumei
Our anime collective- the sites range from Nep~Ura's Paradox, to the insanely popular Diff'rent Star. Something for every anime lover resides within our pages- come check it out for yourself!

Bunny's Sailor Moon Crystal of Love
A nice site that has everything: pics,profiles,music,lyrics,graphics & games.Also you can find links to my other sites. ^^

Blonde Tiger
Just one of the numerous site collectives out there.

The Palace
a fan fic and more website dedicated to stuff i like

Ruthwen Connection
personal homepage with graphxs, free graphxs , fan art, poetry( in french) and online text about vampires (in english)

The Sailor Moon Dream
A Sailor Moon site with beautiful graphics. Enjoy!

The Angelik Sanktuarie
The library of non- and anime- stories written by and about the angels

Adara's Labyrinth
My site is dedicated to the movie "Labyrinth"

Angel's Wings
A clique about everything that is beautiful... as beautiful as the Angel's Wings. Come, join & become an angel! ^^

A place for RPG mods and the people who play them to get together. This site has all types of RPG - including those based on books and TV and anime.{;}If you own an RPG come advertise, if you enjoy them, ...

JM Reverie's Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction
JM Reverie's YYH Fan Fiction. Includes, "This New Life", fan art, etc.