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This community is for angels and anything about angels and archangels. Sites that have content about angels are the only ones welcome into this community. If you are trying to sell something, unless it has to do with angels, take your business elsewhere please!

Just Wingin' It
Wholesale and retail Angelic, Celtic, Pagan and Wiccan online secure shopping. Est. 1994. Jewelry, amulets, charms, talismans, chimes, incense, perfume bottles, magnets, bumpstickers and more.

Angels and PSP
I just believe in angels and have made this site to pass on the message of love,hope, ligth and peace...

Varian's Angeldreams
Varian's Angeldreams includes galleries of original fine art angel images, a vast collection of angelic quotations, and also original angel web graphics for download.{;}

Family,Missing Children's Page,Friend's ,Kids Links ,My Snow Globes ,Looking for cards ,Angel Page,Domestic Violence Page,My Recipe Page,Mary's Graphic,much more to come

Angel Craving Wings
One woman's site dedicated to shacommunity her faith in Christ & devotion to spreading the word & love of God.

A place devoted entirely to God. Here you'll find a nice, quiet place to reflect, pray, and find information on Our Lord Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, prayers, and much more. God bless you, and thanks ...

Shekinah's Realms of RavenWood
Endeavors to promote Brotherhood in the Universe.{;}Makes an effort to define the thread of oness that runs through everything making all "One in the Spirit".

Rebecca's Angels
Rebecca's Angel Site includes a wide variety of angel art, angel stories, and angelic daily meditations.

MysticViews-Angelic Whispers
Angelic Whispers was created for all those that {;}find themselves searching along their path's journey, {;}for that special light and love that will help them walk their {;}path's knowing they are never ...

Angel On My Shoulder
{;}I have an angel on my shoulder and this page tells all about her,numerous angel backgrounds on my entire site

Everything Goes
My site has several different parts that deal with angels, dreams, and other things of that nature all linking to the common idea of spirituality.{;}

Gentle Touch's Web
Owner of this community.

Circle of Light
Psychic clairvoyant, Rev. Cassandra Anaya, Ph.D, has brought her practice of channeling three angels (Metatron, Uriel, & Yannie) to the www. She can assist you to reconnect with your angels.

HARTS Angels, Grief At Home, RRTStudios
RRTStudios and HARTS Angels offers a variety of self improvement from Living after grief to Web page design and graphics

Simply Cacommunity Angels
Simply, online members from the whole world, Cacommunity, about eatchothers and about them who needs us, you can request our group for a prayer in need, Angels on the earth, online, with your soul and ...

Angel Paintings by Marissa Garcia
The artist is dedicated to using her creative abilities to heal, uplift, and inspire others. Hence, she paints angelic images which come purely from her vision, and colorful landscapes which express the ...