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Angel's Love Community was formed May 30, 1998. We are true believers in angels, which helps us feel safe, at peace, in harmony and closer to the Universal One, GOD, on a daily basis. "Angel's Love" Community's intention is to connect all those that have a true belief of Angels together in a circle. We are angel believers and a joy to visit for those who are angel enthusiatists. Please, come and look at the community and follow a few sites. You will enjoy it and hopefully, come away with a sense of warmth, love and friendship. NOTE: NO SITE WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST.

Angel's Love
Home of Angel's Love Community. Member's sites that reflect a belief in angels, oneness, spirituality, unification & God.

A Tale of Two Unicorns
A unicorn love story, filled with love, hilarious critters who make up the family and fun

Whispers of an Angel
A peaceful Angel site and an extention of me.

A Love Eternal
A memorial site dedicated to my beloved husband and of our love eternal.

Come explore the divine feminine and travel with me on a spiritual journey.

The Wonderful World of Jacqueline Mark
my home page leads to a link of angel graphics, poetry, and short stories designed to uplift the reader.

Sande Two Eagles
A display of artwork from J. Ann Masiker of Angels and spirit and words of verse by Sande Two Eagles.

Totally Angel communitys
new site about angels just starting out .

Some Call It Heaven
Dedicated to the memory of a courageous young man William Joseph Anderson who fought a hard battle against neuroblastoma a rare childhood cancer

Angel Notes by Rosehepper~
Angel Notes by Rosehepper~ is an angel website with the website owner's personal experiences with angels.

Angel's Garden
Angel's Garden is an attempt to emotionally reach out to others who have been wounded...I offer inspiration, hope and many virtual hugs in the form of poems, prose and my personal views on life.

In Loving Memory of Tammy Wall
My site contains a little about how I felt after the suicide of my best friend, as well as a couple of poems that I wrote after her death. I also have suicide warning signs listed, hotline numbers, as ...

Angel's Place
An angelic site of angel art, poetry and music.

Annies Place: Rob & Annie's Pass-It-On Greeting Pages
A Place To Share Unique & Different Pages With Friends & Family. Holiday Pages, Inspirational, Pages, Friendship Pages, Angel Pages, Native American Pages, Humorous Pages, Games, Puzzles & More.{;}{; ...

Angels are always here to help you
My personal web page, created to introduce the public to their guardian angels and provide some angelic wisdom.

Surrounded by Angels
We love everything and anything to do with angels - clip art and graphics, backgrounds, Christian banners, music, posters, trivia, games, search tools and more! This website was made by one special lady ...

near-death experience:a message from my journey into the light.
this site is as a result of my last near-death experience.life-review/life-before/after my experience/after-effects/self-healing techniques/guidance/messages recieved on the "other-side"/angels/miracles/blessings/inspiration/awards/links/photos ...

Spiral and Joker's Love Stories
Come and read the stories that only an angel can tell

Before, Ducommunity & After Spousal Abuse
My life story. Being abused by my spouses for almost 20 years. Good links on Spousal Abuse, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence and on some of my illnesses and disabilities.(Diabetes, arthritis etc...)

A Fairy World
Fairies, Angels, Music, Poetry and cyber adoptions

Blue Angel's Sanctuary
Please come and see the angel art, angel poetry, prayers for peace, html help and all the other wonders found here

Souls 4 Total Freedom
The work on my website is there to assist and guide humanity through these changes that are now coming into full bloom. They are gifts of God that I have channeled through my creative self and remain ...

Carol's Place
My site has one home page that tells a little bit about me; 5 pages of inspirational poetry; one page dedicated to Native Americans; two pages of family favorite recipes; one page about my art; one page ...

Fly My World With Me
A faery tale book, whose guide is Faery Ariel, who takes you on a guided tour of the Isle of Blissful Content, even to some places even s he does not know.

subect is angel's/poetry/encounters/{;}quotes/music.ect...still more work to do .

Angels Abound
SpiritRun specializes in compassionate readings regarding relationships, domestic and family matters, life transitions, marriage, drug &; alcohol, lucky numbers, and spirit presences. He is a clairaudient ...